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The worst brings out our best. That’s the silver lining.
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Why Choose West Bend Mutual Insurance Company?

West Bend is a relationship-based company with core values that emphasize excellence, integrity, and responsibility.   As a mutual insurer, our company is owned by our policyholders. We don't answer to Wall Street. We decide what to do, and these decisions are always based on what's best for our agents, insureds, and associates for the long term.

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Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin


"Just wanted to send a note in appreciation! I was surprised to get a call from WBMI the next day after my town was affected by the tornadoes. It is nice to know that as a policy holder you are there for my family and I during stressful situations. We were lucky to only have two trees down however; can't say that for many of my friends and neighbors. Thank you for going the extra mile!"

Jacki W/Brownsville, WI

"I recently had an accident in which the other party was ticketed and yet his company fought us tooth and nail. West Bend then got involved and exceeded their responsibility by first covering my damages and then took over the fight with the other company. So, bottom line, no contest we purchase insurance to take care of us and West Bend takes care of their customers."

Mike D/Cedar Rapids, IA

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