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Advantage Profile Terms You Should Know

The digital world is full of marketing terms and acronyms. We're here to decipher the code and put it into your terms.

The digital world is full of marketing terms and acronyms like SEO. So you may ask yourself, what is SEO? What are organic sessions? What’s a unique user? It becomes a little overwhelming. You start to feel like you’re reading a different language. And if you’re fortunate to have an Advantage profile on or are thinking about subscribing, there is a whole another set of terms to understand. We’re here to decipher the code and put it into your terms. Let’s get started!


This stands for Search Engine Optimization, which increases the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website to users of a search engine using digital marketing strategies.

Content page

This is a web page on with insurance content created for the purposes of educating insurance shoppers.

Keywords rankings

This refers to a content page’s position within search results like Google, Yahoo, or Bing for a particular keyword inquiry. When a user searches for a particular keyword, like insurance agents, your ranking URL would be the web page listed for that keyword search. Keep in mind that one content web page can rank for several relevant search keywords and phrases.

Google impression

Each time a content page is shown on a search result page within the Google Search Engine this is known as an impression.

Shopper session

This occurs anytime someone enters A session ends if the user is inactive for too long or re-enters the website via a different campaign. If a user leaves our website and re-enters via the same link in a short period of time, this will not count as a new session.

Unique shopper sessions

These are individuals who visit Even though one individual may visit multiple times, they are counted as one unique session.

Organic shopper sessions

This is when a visitor that lands on as a result of unpaid “organic” search results. Visitors who are considered organic find after using a search engine like Google.

Agency recommendation

This is when an agency’s profile is presented as a recommendation to an insurance shopper whose needs match the appetite on If the consumer chooses an agency’s profile, then it becomes a referral.


As mentioned above, a referral is generated when an insurance consumer completes the funnel to “Find an Agent” on, selects a specific recommended agency, and asked to be contacted.

Appetite-Matching Agency Recommendations

This is when recommends agencies to consumers whose appetite, customized by the agency, matches the consumers’ needs.

Funnel start

This is when a consumer starts the process of filling out the online questionnaire on with their insurance needs, such type of insurance they are looking for, location, whether they are currently insured, and how much they are paying annually for insurance.

Funnel completion

This happens when the consumer fills out the online questionnaire form completely and are shown matching recommended agents in their area. It also gives permission to provide their information to an independent insurance agent or partner to email or call them.

End-of-the-funnel agency recommendation

Different from a regular agency recommendation, this is when an agency is recommended to a consumer based on the answers entered in the questionnaire at the end of the funnel.


This is a report sent to Advantage subscribers showing the number of times an agency profile was recommended to shoppers on You can read more about scorecards here.

Claim-It Leads

These leads differ from referrals. Essentially they are a bucket of leads/consumers who did not select an agency on, yet expressed interest in particular lines of businesses and have given permission to have an agency contact them. These leads are available to an agency for purchase. You can read more about Claim-It leads here.

Lead notification

This is when an agency notified through email or text messaging that a Claim-It lead who matches their appetite is available to purchase.

Leads claimed

These are leads purchased by an independent agent via Claim-It and no longer available for other agents to purchase.

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