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  1. IA Advantage Blog
  2.  » What is a Domain Authority and How Can Your Agency Leverage Ours?

What is a Domain Authority and How Can Your Agency Leverage Ours?

By maintaining our domain authority—and our status as the #1 online insurance resource—we help to boost ranking for all independent insurance agencies who participate with an Advantage profile on
Published: January 28, 2022
Leveraging Domain Authority

At, we understand how crowded the internet can get. With hundreds of local competitors appearing online at just the click of a button, it can be hard to stand out—especially as an independent insurance agent. That’s why dedicates more than 47,000 pages of consumer content, a competent team of SEO experts, and a trusted domain authority to help independent insurance agents rank higher online.

But what exactly is domain authority, and how can agents leverage’s authority to have their agencies’ websites rank higher on search engines like Google?

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority, a concept originally developed by in 1999, is the score provided by Moz to determine a website’s relevancy and its likelihood of ranking highly in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Domain authority is determined by a handful of factors, like expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (EAT), the total number of links on the site, and citations and backlinks from other, more authoritative sites.

Domain authority scores typically range from 0-100 with an average between 40-50, and while having a high domain authority score is a big plus, the score does not absolutely determine a site’s ranking on the SERP. A domain authority score represents the site’s likelihood of ranking higher, and the higher a site’s score is, the more likely it is to appear on the first page of Google.

How Does’s Domain Authority Help My Agency Be Seen?

On average,’s domain authority ranks 20 points higher than other insurance agency websites. We credit this to not only our 49,000+ pages of consumer content, but to the authoritative sites who help us rank. Our partnership with the Big “I” gives us the opportunity to connect with other affluent insurance companies and carriers, like Progressive and Travelers, and our ‘round-the-clock team of SEOs ensure’s content remains fresh and relevant for not only our domain authority, but for the independent agencies we support.

By maintaining our domain authority—and our status as the #1 online insurance resource—we help to boost ranking for all independent insurance agencies who participate with an Advantage profile on Agencies listed on automatically get the Advantage of our domain authority boost, plus the ability to boost scores themselves by linking back to

Being seen online is a big undertaking, so don’t do it alone. Let help boost your independent insurance agency’s domain authority and online visibility with an Advantage subscription today. Check out all our Advantage subscription options, and schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives today to get started.

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