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  1. IA Advantage Blog
  2.  » About Us Statement: How to Tell Your Insurance Agency’s Story

About Us Statement: How to Tell Your Insurance Agency’s Story

Learn how to tell your independent insurance agency's story, plus how to optimize your About Us statement for a higher SEO ranking.
Published: July 25, 2022
How to SEO Optimize Your Insurance Agency's About Us Statement

Whether it’s your agency website or your Advantage profile on, presentation matters online. According to our top-performing Advantage agencies, profile completeness is one of the most compelling factors that brings online consumers through your virtual storefront. You can load your profile with all the info consumers will be looking for, from business hours and contact information to team members and video.

What you might not know is that there is one component of your profile that can easily be overlooked, and it’s simultaneously one of the simplest and most powerful SEO tools at your disposal: your About Us statement.

Your About Us statement should reflect your agency’s values and business model, and let consumers know what to expect when they opt to work with your agency. But did you know you can optimize your About Us statement to boost your profile’s SEO ranking? Here’s how to tell your agency’s story and get the most out of your About Us statement.

What is an About Us statement?

An About Us statement is exactly what it sounds like: a few sentences or a short paragraph explaining why your agency does what your agency does. Consumers look to About Us statements to get a more cohesive view of businesses, their missions, and whether to work with them. Your About Us statement can be a brief overview of your agency’s history or a list of your proudest agency achievements, but make sure to keep your readers engaged and slide in a call-to-action before you wrap up—you’re talking directly to your consumers!

As a rule of thumb, your About Us statement should typically include…

  • Agency overview and history
  • Founders/executives
  • The lines of coverage your agency offers
  • Contact information, best times to reach your agency

Your About Us statement isn’t just valuable as a description. You can also optimize your About Us statement to make your website or profile simpler to scan for site crawlers, thus indirectly boosting your SEO ranking.

How can I optimize my agency’s About Us statement?

Optimizing your About Us statement is as simple as squeezing keywords into your existing copy, but you’ll have to start with some keyword research. Use SEO tools to create a list of recent, highly trafficked insurance keywords in your area, and fit them as organically as possible into your About Us statement. You’ll want to be cautious of adding too many keywords, or search engines might recognize the tactic and flag your site or profile as spam. You’ll want to make sure that any keywords added to your About Us statement are also relevant to the coverage you’re trying to sell.

When optimizing your About Us statement, make sure to check these boxes…

  • Stay informative and relevant but concise
  • Do your research, but only use keywords where they make sense and do not oversaturate your copy
  • Write your About Us statement as if you are a consumer reading it, and speak directly to your ideal buyer
  • Insert a call-to-action to encourage consumers to select your agency

Ready to get to work on your agency’s About Us statement? See all of our Advantage profile options, and talk to a sales representative today to select the right subscription for your agency.

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