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  2.  » Best Ways to Win Claim-it Leads From

Best Ways to Win Claim-it Leads From

Claim-it Leads come from local, appetite-matching insurance buyers who are actively searching for coverage. Here's how to win them.
Published: October 24, 2022
How to Win Insurance Claim-it Leads

Our appetite-matching referrals are not the only digital opportunities available to Advantage agents on With an Advantage Professional subscription, your insurance agency gets access to Claim-it Leads, a warm leads program and additional advantage to independent agents who partner with

Claim-it Leads are not cold leads. They are appetite-matching, high-intent leads from online insurance buyers who are actively searching for a reliable, local insurance agency. Not to be confused with referrals, Claim-it Leads come from consumers who have entered their coverage needs, expected premium, and contact information into our online questionnaire and been presented with an appetite-matching list of nearby agencies, but did not select an agency to work with.

Many agents will say Claim-it Leads are one of the most valuable perks of an Advantage Professional subscription. Here are the best ways to win Claim-it Leads from

How do Claim-it Leads work?

When an online insurance buyer enters their preferred coverage details into, they are presented with a list of local agents with business appetites matching their needs. If the buyer selects an agency to work with, they become a referral, but if a buyer does not select an agency, they are processed as a Claim-it Lead.

After 10 minutes of inactivity on the agency results page, the buyer is notified that an agency—and only one agency—will be in contact with them soon.

Insurance Claim-it Lead Notification

With the buyer’s permission, their preferred policy information is sent out to Advantage Professional agents in the state who are signed up for Claim-it Leads to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the purchase is completed, no other competing agent has access to the lead.

That means you will never have to compete for a Claim-it Lead that your agency has already purchased.

How do I claim my leads before anyone else?

Because Claim-it Leads operate on this first-come, first-served basis, they tend to be snapped up quickly. There are two ways to claim a lead, by SMS or by email, and you will be asked your agency’s preference during your Advantage Professional 1:1 onboarding.

If you have already started your Advantage Professional subscription and would like to change how your agency is notified, you may do so from your IW account.

How to set up insurance Claim-it Lead notifications

Claim-it SMS notifications

Best practice when it comes to Claim-it Leads is to make sure your agency is signed up for SMS notifications. These notifications are sent directly to your phone and are the fastest way to claim a lead.

Claim-it email notifications

Your agency may also opt to sign up for Claim-it notifications by email, but be warned—leads sent to your inbox are delivered slower, meaning other SMS-notified agencies have a larger window to purchase leads before your agency gets to them. For best results, make sure to sign your agency up for both notification types.

How much do Claim-it Leads Cost?

Cost per Claim-it Lead varies depending on the type of policy, but every lead is valuable with potential to grow into a significantly larger policy.

  • Life & Annuities — $10
  • Personal Lines — $17
  • Commercial Lines — $24

Don’t miss out on your agency’s hottest leads yet. Sign up here for Advantage Professional and for your agency’s shot at Claim-it Leads. If you’re already a subscriber and want to know more about Claim-it Leads, contact our Client Success team at

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