How Much Can Blizzard Damages Cost?

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Q: How Much Does Blizzard Damage Cost?

A: A few inches of snow can cause problems, but blizzards are problematic on a whole other level. The snow, ice, and wind that come with blizzards can cause problems individually for your home or business and can wreak even more havoc when combined.

  • Snow: The biggest problem with snow is the accumulation. When snow accumulates on your roof in great quantities, it can cause a collapse. Trees are another potential source of problems. If you have large trees over your home and snow accumulates on the branches, one could snap and cause damage to your roof. 
  • Ice: Ice can cause damage, but in a different way. The risk of damage with ice is when it accumulates on walkways and driveways. You could be liable as a business owner or homeowner for any injuries that result from a slip-and-fall on the ice. 
  • Winds: High wind can damage your siding or throw objects into your building, damaging the structure. 

A new roof or a lawsuit can cost a lot of money, depending on where you live and the cost of what's covered. It's also important to remember that not all damage may be covered by your business insurance policy or homeowners insurance policy. Talk to your independent agent to discuss whether you're covered for any damage a blizzard might cause.

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