What Flood Zone am I in?

There are several flood zones, all of which can be found in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) flood maps. The easiest way to figure out which flood zone you're in is by typing your address into one of these maps. It's important to know the difference between the zones because in high-risk areas, you're federally required to purchase flood insurance whereas it's optional in moderate- and low-risk areas.

The basic flood zone designations are as follows:

  • Zones A and V: These are special flood hazard areas at a high risk for flooding.
  • Zones B, C, or X (or shaded X): These are flood hazard areas that pose a moderate to low risk of flooding.

There are other zones, like Zone D. Zone D is an area that has undesignated flood hazards. While you may fall into one of these other zones, it is highly unlikely. 

Check out the map to determine which flood zone you're in. No matter where you land, you may be required or may want to purchase flood insurance. Talk to your an independent insurance agent to determine whether you're required to have or need flood insurance.

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