What is Business Insurance?

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Q: What is business insurance? Are there different types?

A: What is commercial insurance? Well, commercial insurance can be equated to business insurance. 

There are some very well-crafted, very comprehensive policies called the business owners policy. They're designed for main street businesses. Sometimes you might hear those referred to as BOPs, or business owner policies, but they can range also to individually-crafted collections of individual, different policies to cover the needs of a more complicated business. Perhaps you've got delivery vehicles or you've got employees for whom you need workers' compensation. 

So our advice is, learn a little bit about your business. We've got some documentation here. Also learn a little bit about some of the types of policies you might need such as commercial, general liability, business auto, workers' comp, and then talk to an insurance professional who can advise you, and help find a policy that's custom-crafted for you by one of our many insurance company partners. 

Just hit the Find an Agent button, enter your zip code, and you'll be directed to a list of agents who are in your neighborhood who can help you craft a perfect policy for your business. Thank you very much. Come on back. We'd love to have you here at Ask an Agent.

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