Where Do Wildfires Happen in the US?

(Honestly anywhere, but let's talk about the most common areas.)

Q: Where Do Wildfires Happen?

A: Wildfires can technically occur anywhere. This is because the majority of wildfires, 85% to 90%, are due to human causes. So while the natural 10% to 15% of wildfires that occur are more prone to specific areas where the conditions are right to cause the fires, they aren't limited to said areas. Generally speaking, naturally occurring wildfires happen in the dry forests and grasslands of North America. In 2018 alone, the following states had the greatest number of wildfires:

  • Texas
  • California
  • Arizona
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Florida
  • Georgia

Each of these states alone had 2,000 or more wildfires, with Texas topping the charts at over 10,000. The reason is that these areas of the United States have green vegetation that can turn dry under certain conditions. Combined with strong winds and warm temperatures, lightning, or something similar, the dried vegetation turns into a fuel that feeds fires.  All it takes is arson, an untended campfire, or a cigarette to cause a wildfire. That being said, while wildfires can occur anywhere, they're more likely where there is a lot of vegetation that has dried out. 

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