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What customers are saying about their bakery insurance experience

4.3/5 based on 63 customer reviews from Consumer Affairs

5 Stars 5/5
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Bruno of Covington, GA

"Better pricing"

I was looking for insurance and wanted a better price. gave me better rates and helped me find a company. I began looking for an agent online, made the request and then the providers called me. TrustedChoice was a good company.

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G. of Az, AZ

“Great protection from lawsuits”

I thought it would be a good idea to have myself covered in case somebody decided to get stupid and try to sue me. Good thing Trusted Choice was able to match me with a company in Scottsdale, Arizona. I contacted the company and they contacted me back. I told them what I needed and they were able to check some insurance policies out and got me covered.

5 Stars 5/5
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C. of Al, AL

“They didn’t spam me”

I would recommend Trusted Choice. I was wondering if I was gonna get flooded with a thousand emails after I did it everyday. But that didn’t happen, and that’s also a plus as far as I’m concerned. I found an insurance agent for the business insurance.

5 Stars 5/5
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John of Hollywood, FL

“More options than I could find myself”

It was time to renew the business insurance so we were looking and with an independent agent company, there's a better chance of finding cheaper insurance. Also, they have different avenues that they have resources and better than I would be able to find myself. We went with Trusted Choice Insurance because of the customer service. It was top-rated and they will pretty much find and meet the needs of the customer. They're an excellent company.

5 Stars 5/5
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Harrison of Kansas City, MO

"Quotes from live agents were fast"

I was doing some Google search trying to get rates. Trusted Choice Business Insurance got me a quote and everything back in a timely manner. It was a smooth process. The rep sent what was needed and she reached out for the contract. She reached back out to me, got the information that she needed, and got me a quote back within 24 hours, and we went from there.

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