Teacher Car Insurance Discounts

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Teacher car insurance discounts

Teaching isn’t all shiny red apples and the sweet, nostalgic taste of glue. It’s a constant battle between tantrums and sanity. You work harder for your money than most, and we want to help you keep more of it with a crash course in teacher car insurance discounts.

Our independent insurance agents are here to put your mind at ease. They’ll help you figure out how to qualify for the right car insurance discounts so you can spend less on your bills and more on the good things in life, like vacation. Sweet summer vacation. 

What Are Teacher Car Insurance Discounts?

Simply put, if you’re a teacher, some insurance companies wanna offer you special discounts on your car insurance. Sometimes this is done through your union. 

Other times it may be through the school district. Either way, a quick chat with your boss or HR should set you on the right path. An insurance agent will handle the rest.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Do I Get Teacher Insurance Discounts?

Just raise your hand. Okay, maybe not that easy, but close. Teacher discounts are a kind of group discount, one of the simplest insurance discounts to get. And here’s how you get them:

  • Ask around the water cooler: You’ll have the best luck starting with your boss, union rep or HR department. Ask if there’s a discount program with a particular insurance company. If yes, you’re in. If not, don’t worry, just proceed to the next step.
  • Have a heart-to-heart with an agent: If you know you’ll get a discount with a certain company, say that up front. If you’re unsure or you know there’s no special discount offered, ask them to look for you. Some companies may offer a general teacher discount as a thank you for your service.
  • Compare wisely: Your agent may provide you with a few quotes to choose from. If that’s the case, don’t automatically go for the cheapest option—mid-range options could offer more discounts and better coverage also. Weigh the pros and cons of each carefully, pick one, and then celebrate. You deserve it.

Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Your time outside of the classroom is limited, so why do all the hard work yourself? Our independent insurance agents stay on top of the industry and all the latest discounts so you don’t have to. That means they’ll help you find the right coverage for you at the right price.

They’re not just there at the beginning, either. If you get in a fender bender trying to get to class on time and need to make a claim, they’ll help you get the help you need and get back to your life. 

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