Teacher Car Insurance Discounts

How Teachers Can Save on Car Insurance

Teachers, professors, and other education professionals are among the most important contributors to society. Educators enrich students’ lives, help prepare our future workforce, and provide continuing education to adults seeking new career paths. And like everyone else, teachers need to balance their personal budgets and find ways to save on the necessities of life. 

If you are a teacher, you may have heard that there are all kinds of special car insurance discounts that are only available to educators. While some insurance companies do offer discounts for teachers who belong to certain professional organizations, the truth is that only a few insurance companies offer these discounts, and they are not available in every state. 

So can teachers really pay less for car insurance? Definitely. When it comes to car insurance rates, insurance companies consider teachers to be the cream of the crop. Because teachers are generally considered to be some of the safest, most responsible drivers on the road, many are able to get some of the best car insurance rates available. And if you are able to find a special teacher discount too, that’s icing on the cake.

Do Teachers' Car Insurance Discounts Exist?

While there are some special teacher car insurance policies available, they are rare and not available for every teacher or in every state. If you are lucky enough to find or be eligible for one of these teacher car insurance plans, it may offer special rates and coverage such as waiving the deductible for incidents (e.g., accidents, theft) that happen on school grounds. 

A few insurance companies offer “affinity” programs that provide special benefits and discounts to teachers and other education professionals who are members of certain professional organizations, such as the National Education Association (NEA). These programs are typically associated with individual insurance companies in specific states (e.g., the discount only applies to New Jersey teachers who buy car insurance through a specific insurance company that has a relationship with a New Jersey educators’ association). 

The best way to ensure you are getting the best rates on teacher car insurance is to work with an independent Trusted Choice® insurance agent in your area. An independent agent can gather quotes from multiple insurance companies in order to maximize the teacher-specific discounts that you are eligible for.

The Most Common Ways for Teachers to Save on Insurance

Teachers typically enjoy lower car insurance rates simply because they are considered to be safe drivers who file fewer claims. Of course, your individual driving record will have a significant impact on what you pay for car insurance. The most important way to keep your car insurance rates low is to be a good driver. Drivers who avoid tickets, accidents, and other types of claims are rewarded with the lowest car insurance rates. 

Educators can also save on car insurance in other ways, just like everyone else. The programs and discounts you find will vary depending on where you live and the insurance company you choose. Teachers can take advantage of any discounts offered by their car insurance company, if they qualify. Ask your independent insurance agent about:

  • Multi-car discount for households that insure more than one vehicle with the same insurance company
  • Multi-policy discount for households that bundle home, auto, and other types of insurance with the same insurance company
  • Green discount for drivers with hybrid or eco-friendly vehicles
  • Safe driver discount for drivers with clean driving records
  • Anti-theft discount for vehicles with anti-theft devices

Who To Talk to about Purchasing Auto Insurance for Teachers

An independent Trusted Choice insurance agent can help teachers anywhere find and understand the best car insurance policy to fit their needs and budget. They can help you with teacher insurance programs in your area, and help you take advantage of all of the discounts that you are eligible for. 

A Trusted Choice agent will work closely with you to understand your needs, and can get quotes from multiple insurance companies so you can choose the best option. Start your search for a local agent now

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