What is a Car Insurance Declaration Page?

(For when you need a quick overview of your policy)

Car Insurance Declaration Page

When’s the last time you thoroughly looked through the pile of papers that is your car insurance policy? 

Let’s be honest, most of us probably couldn’t even tell someone where a copy of our insurance policy is, other than online. But there's one very important part of your insurance policy, the car insurance declaration page, and that's what we're here to talk about. 

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What Is a Car Insurance Declaration Page? 

A car insurance declaration page is the first page of your insurance policy that provides the who, what, when, where, and how of your policy. It provides an overview of how much you’re paying for your car insurance and what you’re getting for that price. 

Think of your car insurance declaration page as a glorified table of contents. It references the different pieces of your policy, but also includes pertinent facts like the personal information on each individual who is insured, timeline of your policy, and policy limits.

Car Insurance Declaration Page Template


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Car insurance declaration page template

What Is Included in a Car Insurance Declaration Page?

The car insurance declaration page will include the most important parts of your auto insurance policy. It includes personal information as well as an overview of your policy.

This information includes:

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • The names of any additional individuals insured on your policy
  • The name of your insurance agent
  • The names of any excluded drivers
  • Your car insurance policy number
  • Your VIN number
  • The effective dates of your policy and its length
  • The year, make, and model of your vehicle
  • Your driving history including any accidents and tickets
  •  Average annual mileage
  • Name, address, and contact information of any loss payees (lender or lessor if you purchased or leased a vehicle)
  • List of your coverages including their limits
  • Any discounts applied to your premium
  • A breakdown of your premium amount and what your payments are

What Is Not Included in a Car Insurance Declaration Page? 

Seeing as your car insurance declarations page is a single “page,” it’s not meant to provide lengthy details about your coverage. 

You won’t find explanations of your coverage, exclusions from your policy, or additions like car rental insurance or roadside assistance on the car insurance declaration page. To track down that information, you’ll need to dig into the additional pages of your insurance policy.

Where Can I Find my Insurance Declaration Page?

When you obtain auto insurance, your insurance company will email you a packet that includes all the details of your policy. The declaration page will be located in the first few pages of the policy.

It’s important to review your declaration page when you receive it. There could be misspellings of names or addresses, and it’s always important to double-check that your coverage is accurate. 

If you misplace your insurance declaration page, you can ask for another copy from your insurance company, or speak to your independent insurance agent to obtain one. 

When Will I Need My Car Insurance Declaration Page?


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There are a few scenarios in which your car insurance declaration page will come in handy.

  1. Purchasing a new vehicle: You can’t drive your vehicle off the lot until your insurance company sends your insurance declaration page to the dealership, proving that you are insured.
  2. Shopping for new insurance: If you’re unhappy with your insurance and are looking for a new provider, knowing what you’re getting from your current insurance and for what price can help you compare new quotes. 
  3. Understanding your insurance: Not everyone is as passionate about insurance as we are. If you’re interested in better understanding what your auto insurance offers, your declaration page can provide a thorough summary.

You may only need your car insurance declaration page a handful of times in your life, but when you do need it, you’ll be thankful that you understand its benefits, where to find it, and the information it provides. 

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