Lockout and Dead Battery Service

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Lockout and Dead Battery Service

Imagine this: You get out of the car, and slam the door and, with a sickening feeling, you realize that you’ve just locked your keys in the car. Or even worse, you find yourself in a lonely parking lot after dark, and when you turn the key in your ignition, nothing happens. In either situation, you can find yourself in a jam.

Most of us have had battery trouble or been locked out of our cars at some point. And at times like these, an insurance plan that covers battery and lockout service can turn the worst car trouble into just a mild inconvenience. 

If you’re unsure how to get battery and lockout service coverage, ask one of our independent agents located in over 22,000 member agencies nationwide. These agents will provide you with all the information you need to protect yourself in a lockout or battery emergency. 

Contact a local agent today for personalized assistance.

  • It is inexpensive, as low as $14 per car, annually.
  • Simple roadside problems, like getting locked out or needing a battery jump are some of the most common difficulties drivers experience.
  • Trip Interruption Reimbursement may also be available to help cover some of your out-of-pocket expenses if, for example, your vacation must be canceled or delayed.

Does My Insurance Cover Lockout and Battery Service?

Some car insurance policies cover emergency lockout service and battery service, but not all do. Battery service and lockout service in conjunction with your insurance policy can alleviate some of the headache of breakdowns and malfunctions on the road.

Find out if you are already covered by your existing policy or if your current insurance provider offers these services. If you find that you are not already covered, find out if your insurance provider can add this coverage to your policy and what your additional premium cost will be.

If this coverage is not available for your current policy, contact a local independent agent in our network. Because these agents work with multiple insurance carriers, they can look for a full service carrier for you. 

They can also look for all available discounts for you and combine multiple policies to help you save even more.

Why Get Battery and Lockout Service?

When you’re covered, you can have peace of mind that you're prepared for minor but upsetting problems like a dead battery or a locked car. You don’t have to wonder who to call, or what it will cost. Emergency lockout and battery coverage gives you peace of mind.

Adding emergency battery service and lockout service to your car insurance policy is a great way to be prepared for those occasions when your car battery dies, you lock your keys inside, or even when you lose your keys entirely.

Discovering your car has a dead battery is never a pleasant experience, whether you are just leaving for work in the morning or you are on a long distance road trip. With lockout service, a fully-equipped locksmith who can quickly get you back inside and on your way is just a phone call away.

Car Battery Service Tips

Dead car batteries can be a pain. Maintain your battery properly to prevent problems from arising. Here are a few tips to improve your car battery’s longevity:

  • Keep it clean; be sure the terminals are free from corrosion and buildup that could block or interfere with the electrical current.
  • Consider wrapping your car battery with an insulated battery blanket to protect it against exposure during extreme hot and cold weather.
  • Before you jumpstart your car in cold weather, warm up the battery by taking it out and bringing it indoors. A warm battery is much easier to jumpstart.

Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Learn More About Battery Service and Lockout Service

There is no better way to protect yourself from inconvenient events than to plan ahead. Of course, accidents do happen, but emergency battery service and lockout service coverage can give you peace of mind when you are on the road. 

To get quick auto insurance quotes and make sure you are covered, contact an independent agent today.

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