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Why Minivans Are the Cheapest Vehicle to Insure

(Your Complete Guide on Van Insurance)

If you need to haul kids, bikes, pets and sports gear, it may be time to buy a family van. Most likely you have a number of questions, such as whether your coverage should be the same as the auto policy you’ve had in the past.

When you’re looking to buy a vehicle, sometimes it helps to consider some data about accidents and safety ratings before you make your purchase. Here is some data about insurance and safety for you to consider as you look to find coverage for your van:

  • The national average cost to insure a Chrysler Town and Country, a Toyota Sienna, or a Honda Odyssey is under $1,120 per year.
  • These three minivans are the cheapest new vehicles to insure in the U.S.
  • The reason minivans are the cheapest vehicles to insure is because they are usually driven by very careful drivers: parents chauffeuring children

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It’s great to know that you might have some major savings because you chose such a safe vehicle. Keep reading to learn more.

Insurance for Vans, Caravans and Mini-Vans

When you shop for van insurance, you will find that more than your personal driving history matters. The make and model of your vehicle plays a large role in the cost of coverage.  

Some vehicles just cost more to insure, due to the cost to repair them or that vehicle’s crash statistics. Your insurance policy provider uses a number of factors to decide what your premium will be. 

One great way to reduce costs is to bundle that insurance, if you have more than one vehicle.   In fact, some insurance providers offer auto/van insurance combinations to save you even more money. 

Yet another easy way to cut costs on your van insurance is to tweak your liability insurance coverage. With a simple increase in deductible, you can shave as much as 40 percent off your monthly premium. 

You can save even more if you are a safe driver with a track record to prove it. Low annual mileage, no tickets or citations, and a clean record will significantly lower your van insurance rates. You can save as much as 15 percent on your premiums by keeping your driving record clean. 

Important Considerations When Buying Minivan Insurance

It is well known that van auto insurance rates are the lowest of any type of vehicle. If you find yourself debating between a car and a van, you will find that van insurance is far friendlier to your pocketbook. If you are not a “family person” and just want low cost insurance, perhaps you should consider buying a van as well.

Vans are typically built for families, and as such they do not handle like a sports car. This is one reason van insurance rates are so affordable, because accidents happen far less frequently. 

Also, most vans come well equipped with safety features, with as airbags and antilock brakes as well as other features to keep passengers safe. These features can lower average premium costs even further, because they reduce the likelihood that you will file a claim for medical expenses. 

However, although labor costs are the same no matter the vehicle, minivans involved in even minor collisions tend to suffer costly damages of $1,000 or more. The newer the vehicle, the more expensive the repairs, so be sure to take this into consideration when shopping for van insurance for your new vehicle. 

How to Compare Van Insurance Quotes

Still unsure what policy is best for your personal lifestyle? It may take some time to find the right plan for you. Make sure you're doing research to determine the highest rated insurance companies in your area. 

You can check insurance rating organizations like A.M. Best and others with a simple online search.

Getting online quotes for van insurance is simple enough, but it's a good idea to compare a few before you buy. Take a look at quotes from at least 3 sources before you decide on a policy to meet your needs.

Use our independent agent matching system to find the best insurance plan in your area. You tell us what you’re looking for, and our technology will recommend the best agents for your needs. Any information you give us will only be sent to the agents you pick.

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