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The Eclipse has gone the way of the dinosaur, or so it seems. Mitsubishi announced they were discontinuing production in 2013 due to slow sales, putting emphasis on electric-powered and hybrid vehicles to fill the void. 

This means the car known for its sleek styling, powerful engine and affordability has the potential become a classic, since it will always have die-hard enthusiasts. And no wonder. The 2012 model was equipped with a powerful 3.8 L V6 that generated 265 hp if a consumer chose the top trim option (GT Sport). So what's not to love? 

That was the final evolution (4th generation) of Eclipse production and design, ranging from 1990 to 2012. And as time goes by, what was once a top contender in the sports coupe arena will move into the domain of "classic car" enthusiasts.

It's clear that many Eclipses will remain on the road for years to come, so it's important to discuss insurance costs for owners who hang on to their Eclipses, and how the discontinuation may or may not effect insurance costs.

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The Eclipse fell from grace when the automaker placed emphasis on upgrading other models that delivered better profits. Instead of a bailout, Mitsubishi delivered a knockout blow to the Eclipse by discontinuing the model. 

This left some Eclipse lovers scratching their heads, wondering if new vehicles would meet their expectations, since alternative-fueled vehicles were a relatively new market for the U.S. at the time. 

The Eclipse had been Mitsubishi's attempt to go after a younger demographic. It met failure during the 2009 economic crisis as loan defaults soared to record levels. 

It was then that the company began looking for other production avenues and demographics. The alternative-fuel decision was an attempt to predict the future, and if successful, would make Mitsubishi look really smart. Meanwhile, Eclipse lovers could remain hopeful that they might enjoy a found status as classic car enthusiasts.

How Safe Is the Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Anti-lock brakes, 7 airbags with an on-off switch for the passenger side airbag, and seatbelt pretensioners are some of the more common safety features on the Eclipse. Other noteworthy mentions include brake assist, rollover protection and adjustable pedals. 

The Eclipse received an overall “good” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the years 2009 to 2012. The 2008 production model was not rated due to low purchase volume.

The safety rating, coupled with the number of safety features, definitely plays a role in determining automobile insurance rates. The better a vehicle is rated for safety, and the more safety features it has, the lower premium will be, because of one thing: risk. 

Lower potential risk means the insurance company is less likely have to pay for medical costs should an accident occur. That is why it is important to make sure you understand the relationship between safety ratings and features and auto insurance when shopping for a vehicle.

Determining Eclipse Insurance Rates

Insurance companies have a complex method of assigning rates to vehicles. Your Eclipse insurance costs are calculated by considering things like:

  • Your age
  • Your driving record
  • Your credit score
  • Where you drive your car
  • How far your drive your car

Since Mitsubishi has discontinued the Eclipse, replacement parts and components are harder to come by. This will likely affect your vehicle insurance policy because the these parts may be expensive.


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Where to Get Mitsubishi Eclipse Insurance

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