Nissan 370Z Insurance

How to Insure Your Nissan 370Z

(The easy guide on finding the right coverage)

Although continually up against stiff competition in the sports car category, Nissan continues to impress with its 370Z. With minimal design changes since 2009, this sporty muscle car ranks 8th in the top 9 in the sports car category. 

Design changes are always purposeful and consistent, to meet the tastes of the individuals who love these vehicles. The V6 engine generates 332 hp and enough speed to let drivers fully shift out the 6-speed manual transmission. But it’s the 370Z’s impressive traction that raises eyebrows.

If you own a Nissan 370Z or are looking to buy one in the near future, you’ll want to learn about the best way to insure your vehicle and what factors into the vehicle’s insurance costs.

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Sports car lovers continue to covet the manual transmission, and Nissan keeps listening. There's something thrilling about slamming into the upper gears while blasting down the highway, and the Nissan 370Z fulfills expectations during those moments. 

During testing, drivers found that the 370Z delivered a comfortable ride and exhibited superb handling. Backed by the solid engineering of the Nissan brand, it is easy to see why the 370Z is such a fan favorite. Drivers love the reliability and thrill of owning an affordable sports car.  

Can a Small Sports Car be Safe to Drive?

Vehicle safety is a big deal, especially as it relates to Nissan 370Z insurance premiums. Since the 370Z hasn't met the minimum sales threshold for testing, the major crash-testing agencies have yet to rate it. 

But Nissan is known for taking safety seriously. That is why special care was taken to outfit the 370Z with many of the top-rated safety features found in other Nissan models.

The 370Z Coupe and Roadster models contain the usual suspects when it comes to safety features:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Stability and traction control
  • Front and side airbags
  • Direct steering (helps with evasive maneuvers)

Sport cars are typically loaded with all the safety bells and whistles and should perform well in avoiding accidents (active safety) as well as during and after accidents (passive safety). When considering the active safety of a sports car vs. a pickup, the nimbleness and effective braking of a sports car gives it a solid edge over a pickup or SUV.

But the most popular sports cars also present a number of typical safety issues that include:

  • Low height and length
  • Limited rear-view visibility
  • Single-season tires
  • Vehicle modifications

Safety and insurance rates are also affected by the actions of typical sports car drivers. Drivers of sports cars are often younger and drive more aggressively. This increases the potential for accidents to occur, and is therefore a factor when determining your car insurance rates.

Insurance Costs for the Nissan 370Z

As you might expect, Nissan 370Z insurance rates fall on the higher side. The rates are about 20% higher than non-sports cars, simply because historically, claim payments related to sports cars are higher than pickups, SUVs, and sedans. 

Although the manufacturer lists all available safety features on the sticker, there has been no reporting on crash tests, which makes insurers nervous.

Nissan 370Z insurance rates are around $900 annually, which is actually lower than the national average of $1,325 for sports cars. This could have to do with driver behavior, as well as the fact that Nissan parts are not as specialized as components for other sports cars.

Other factors that insurance companies will consider include:

  • How often you drive. The less frequently you will be driving your vehicle, the lower your premium could be.
  • Your driver history. Are you a speed demon or slow and steady? If you are the latter, your unaggressive driving could pay off in the form of a lower premium.
  • Size of vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the lower your premium will be in most instances. This has to do with risk assessment. Larger vehicles like SUVs and sedans are typically lower to insure than fast sports cars that go very fast and are less substantial.
  • Theft. If your vehicle is on the “Hot Wheels” list, then your premium could be higher, since insurance companies will try to mitigate the risk with your monthly premium amount.

How to Find the Right Nissan 370Z insurance

If the sporty 370Z is your vehicle of choice, finding the most comprehensive and affordable Nissan 370Z insurance is simply a matter of talking to your local Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent. 

Our agents have the advantage of representing multiple insurance companies and can provide you with the most affordable insurance quotes to fit your needs. Contact an independent agent today to find the best coverage for your Nissan 370Z.

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