Toyota Prius Insurance

Does Owning a Prius Increase Your Insurance Rates?

A quick guide to finding the right coverage

Toyota Prius Insurance

The Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid in automotive history, and it quickly became the go-to vehicle for the environmentally conscious. The Prius has proven to be a very reliable vehicle with outstanding fuel economy and lots of cargo space. It’s also loaded with safety features which makes it more affordable when purchasing car insurance than you may think.

Use this find-an-agent tool to get matched with a local independent insurance agent who will walk you through your options and help you find the best possible coverage for your Toyota Prius. 

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for Your Toyota Prius?

Bodily injury liability: Any accident that is caused by you and that results in medical care for the other party involved will be covered by bodily injury liability. It will also cover lost wages. In many states, this is mandatory coverage. 

Property damage liability: Many states will also require that you carry a minimum amount of property damage liability insurance. If you cause an accident that results in damage to someone else's property, this coverage will pay for the damage that fall within your policy limit. Most mandated minimums will not be enough to cover you in the event of an accident, so you'll want to work with your independent agent to make sure you have an adequate amount of property damage liability.

Medical payments/Personal injury protection: Depending on where you live, you may be able to choose either medical payments insurance or personal injury protection. This type of insurance may pay for costs of physical recovery for you and your passengers if you are in an accident. 

Uninsured motorist coverage: Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you from having to pay for damage caused by someone who doesn't have enough insurance or the right types of insurance. 

Optional Coverage:

Collision: If you're in an accident with another vehicle, object or structure, collision insurance coverage will handle repair bills or replace your vehicle. The only time collision insurance is not recommended is if the value of the vehicle is not worth replacing it.

Comprehensive: Vandalism, theft, and damage caused by a natural disaster, animal, or falling objects are covered under your comprehensive insurance coverage.

Glass coverage: On average, the windshield of a Toyota Prius costs more than $800 to repair. Glass coverage is a no-deductible and low-cost coverage option that will replace chips, cracks, and a full windshield. 

Gap insurance: Gap insurance is offered when you purchase a vehicle from a dealer. If you owe more money on your car than it's worth, gap insurance will pay the outstanding loan amount if your car is deemed a total loss.  If you denied the coverage at the dealer, it's not too late to add this important coverage.

What Affects the Cost of Insurance for Your Toyota Prius?

Annual mileage: Insurance costs may increase if you drive more than 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. 

Your driving record: Having no violations on your record can reduce your insurance premium by hundreds of dollars. If you happen to have a traffic or moving violation on your record, your insurance agent can help you find the most affordable insurance option.

The value of your vehicle: High value and luxury vehicles tend to cost more to fix or replace, so it makes sense that insurance companies would charge higher premiums for those cars. When the Toyota Prius was first created, it's battery made it a more expensive vehicle choice and increased the cost. Nowadays, hybrid vehicles are common, and the value of the Toyota Prius is in line with similar sedans. 

Average Toyota Prius Insurance Costs

The average 40-year-old Toyota Prius driver pays $1,306 each year for full coverage auto insurance, including comprehensive and collision coverage. 

If you're only interested in liability insurance you'll pay $316. However, young drivers and high-risk drivers will pay immensely more. 

Average cost to insure Toyota Prius$1306
Teen drivers$4,696
High-risk drivers$2,804
High deductible$1,110
Low deductible$1,678

The Safety of Your Toyota Prius

Insurance rates are greatly impacted by the safety of your Toyota Prius. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the 2021 Toyota Prius an overall five-star safety rating in addition to five stars in the following categories.

  • NHTSA overall side-crash
  • NHTSA side-crash, driver
  • NHTSA side-crash, rear passenger

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the Toyota Prius the highest rank in five out of six crash and rollover tests. 

How Location Affects Your Toyota Prius Insurance 

Drivers in large cities may pay much higher insurance rates than those who live in smaller towns. Your location has a big effect on your car insurance premiums, so it's important to get a personalized quote from your agent.

Toyota Prius insurance average rates:

40-year-old driver  |  Full coverage  |  $500 deductible

Los Angeles, CA:Houston, TX:Chicago, IL:

Additional Factors That Affect Your Toyota Prius Insurance Premiums

  • Safety features like anti-theft devices
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • The deductibles you choose
  • Your credit rating

Average Cost to Insure a Toyota Prius

Top three most expensive states for Toyota Prius insurance:
Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky$1,900
Top three most affordable states for Toyota Prius insurance:
North Carolina, Virginia, Maine$750

Top Independent Insurance Carriers That Insure the Toyota Prius

According to a recent US Independent Insurance Agent Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power, the following companies provide excellent service to their insurance customers: 

How to Get the Right Prius Insurance

The best way to find an affordable Prius insurance policy is to contact a agent and let them do the legwork for you.

An independent agent can look for a variety of insurance quotes and then present the best options for you. This will ensure that you have the best coverage for your Prius at the very best price. Contact an independent agent now to find the right Prius insurance coverage.

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