Toyota Scion Insurance

How to Make Sure Your Scion Is Always Insured

(A quick guide on finding the right coverage)

The word is out. The Scion is dead. Toyota has finally pulled the plug on the brand that targeted younger consumers. But the good news for diehard Scion fans is that the vehicle is being re-branded.

Even though a million Scions were sold over its 13-year lifetime, it seems that didn't live up to Toyota's expectations. 

When you take a look at the brand and its marketing, it was a 13-year retail experiment devised by marketing experts to show that millennials preferred to purchase vehicles built just for them that were very different from the vehicles built for and purchased by their parents and grandparents. 

It now appears that Toyota has decided millennials don't want to stand out from the crowd after all.

The good news for Scion owners is that Toyota is going to take responsibility for the remaining warranty, financing, and service elements. 

If you are now a Scion owner, you may be interested in knowing what happens next, if anything, and how your brand has fared over the years when it comes to cost of ownership, safety, and Scion insurance rates.

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How Much Does Scion Insurance Cost?

When considering the cost of insurance for a vehicle, the best place to start is the safety features. They have everything to do with what happens before and during a crash, so having all the popular safety features reduces the cost of insurance.

Toyota reports that all Scion models are built to Toyota's quality standards. Multiple airbags for the driver and passengers, anti-lock brakes, and a low-speed pre-collision feature make Scion models a safe ride. 

When pre-collision and collision safety features are available, liability rates are reduced, and insurance rates become more affordable.

A large portion of comprehensive and collision rates are based on the replacement cost of the vehicle. Since the Scion's most expensive offering comes in under $30,000, Scion insurance rates for comprehensive and collision should be moderate.

Insurance rates for Scion vehicles are a little above average, at about $900 per year depending on your location. However, these rates can be reduced by discounts that are typically provided to customers who pay in full, bundle other insurance policies, or complete an approved defensive driving course.

Although the brand has been discontinued, there's no reason to assume that Scion insurance rates will experience a significant increase, like most discontinued vehicles, because Toyota is more than likely to keep making replacement parts available well into the future.   

Getting the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Scion

If you plan to purchase a used Scion, or if you currently own one, the next step is to contact your Trusted Choice® independent agent and find the insurance savings that may be available to you. 

With multiple carrier selections, your Trusted Choice agent can help you get you Scion insurance quotes at the most competitive rates. 

Contact a local independent agent today.  

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