Help Fight Bear Bile Farming is proud to support the efforts of Animals Asia’s new campaign to end bear bile farming.

Over 12,000 bears in China and Vietnam are held captive in tiny cages on bile farms. Their bile (the fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder) is regularly extracted through painful and invasive methods, and sold for use in medicinal and household products.

These bears can spend decades in captivity--in some cases, their whole lives. The cages they are kept in are cramped, and don't allow the bears to move around or even fully stand on all fours. Under these conditions, the bears suffer from a number of health conditions such as infections and tumors, many of which can prove fatal.

Animals Asia is seeking to address this issue in five ways: operating bear santuaries to rehabilitate and care for bears that have been abused; reducing demand for the bile by advocating more humane herbal or synthetic alternatives; working with governments to track the bile trade; raising public awareness of the problem; and lobbying for policy change to bring an end to the practice.

Over 12,000 bears in China and Vietnam are held captive in tiny cages on bile farms.

By partnering with celebrities such as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Animals Asia and are able to reach a broader audience with this important message. The only way to end animal abuse is to stand together and make our objections known.

Demand for bear bile products comes mainly from Southeast Asia, but bear bile products are also found in Australia, Canada, and the US. You can help make a difference by sponsoring a bear, holding a fundraiser, or just spreading the word. 

Jill Robinson, founder and CEO of Animals Asia, feels optimistic: “We are finally turning the corner and people are no longer willing to accept this systematic torture and exploitation of the bears,” she says.

Chip Bacciocco, CEO of says, “Independent insurance agents serve as stewards of their community. The Animals Asia campaign is a worthy cause we’re happy to support.”

We hope you will join us.

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