Auto Insurance Goes to the Dogs

Many auto insurers are now offering more than collision and liability coverage for motorists – they’re also providing protection for their furry friends, too.

Pet owners can now feel better when taking Fido or Fifi for a ride in the car thanks to insurers that are offering special pet-injury coverage. The coverage provides reimbursement for veterinary care costs if a pet is hurt in an auto accident. 

In most cases, the coverage takes effect when a pet is riding in a car and an accident occurs in which the pet is injured and requires medical attention. The coverage provides reimbursement for veterinary bills the pet owner incurs because of the accident, and some policies also cover the burial cost if a pet is killed in an accident.

Pet-injury coverage varies by company, but here are the basics from a few different policies:

  • One company's pet-injury coverage, which pertains only to cats and dogs, is already built into its collision insurance. If a pet is injured in an auto accident, fire or theft, the company will pay up to $1,000 in vet bills.
  • Another company covers up to $2,000 in veterinary care and includes all types of pets, such as horses, lizards, birds and rabbits, along with cats and dog. This company's pet-injury coverage is only available in select states, though.
  • A regional insurer is offering a pet injury endorsement to its auto insurance customers for an additional $20 annually. The insurance provides up to $500 in coverage for a cat or dog that is hurt or killed in an auto accident.

Like other insurance policies, customers who have pet-injury coverage need to submit a claim to their independent insurance agent, broker or insurance company if their pet is injured in a crash. Also keep in mind, this is not pet health insurance, the coverage only pertains to vet bills from auto-related injuries.

If you have any questions about whether your pet is covered by your auto policy or for more information on pet-injury coverage, contact your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent or broker.

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