Before, During and After an Earthquake

Learn tips and tricks on how to protect your family before, during, and after an earthquake.

Before the earthquake

  • Assess your home's vulnerability to earthquakes, especially if you live near a fault line. You can obtain fault zone, maps from your city or county planning department or check with your independent insurance agent for further information.
  • Locate a safe place in every room where you can go when an earthquake occurs. Choose a place away from windows where nothing can fall on you, preferably under a sturdy table or desk, or under an interior doorway.
  • Help quake-proof your home by bolting tall furniture and the water heater to wall studs. Attach mirrors, pictures and other objects securely to the wall. Do not hang glass-framed pictures behind your bed.
  • Use flexible connectors for gas-fueled appliances to prevent them from snapping.
  • Install strong latches on cupboards to prevent objects from falling out.
  • Make sure your house is bolted to the foundation. If you live in a mobile home, make sure it is securely anchored down. Check with your local building inspector to determine if walls need additional bracing.
  • If a severe earthquake does occur, you may be asked to evacuate. Have your disaster supplies kit packed and ready to go.
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