On the Road to College

Packing up the car and heading off to college is a rite of passage for a lot of students, but there are some auto insurance questions to consider before your kid drives off to higher education. You wouldn’t let them leave home without the right school supplies; make sure they’re fully equipped behind the wheel, too.

Students taking a car to college need auto insurance coverage whether it’s under their own policy or a parent’s. If a parent co-owns the car or the student still lives at home when not at school, the student can remain on the parent’s insurance policy. Keep in mind, drivers who are younger than 25 years old and unmarried will pay a higher insurance premium, so staying on a parent’s policy may be a more affordable option.

Before a student leaves for school, the policyholder should notify the insurance company that the car will be garaged at another location. Insurance premiums can be affected by a location change, and if the student is attending school out of state, the liability coverage may need to be changed. If the student goes from a straight liability to a no-fault state, he may not have enough liability coverage.

You should also discourage your student from letting other people drive the car while away at school. Accidents can happen even in the most innocent of circumstances and the student is ultimately responsible for what happens to the car.

There are some colleges that don’t allow college freshmen living on campus to have cars. If your student is leaving the car at home, you may be eligible for a reduced insurance rate if the car is titled in the student’s name, nobody else is driving it, and the student is residing more than 100 miles from the vehicle.

Navigating the road of higher education is tricky enough, but figuring out your student’s auto insurance doesn’t have to be. If you have questions about your auto policy, your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent can answer any questions and make sure your college-bound student is ready to hit the road.

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