Calling Home Is Serious Business

Technology is tearing down the walls between our working and personal lives. Nearly one in four employed Americans reports working from home for some portion of the work week, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. To that telecommuting population, add the self-employed with home offices, the regular working denizens of internet-enabled food establishments, and those citizens who can’t resist checking work messages via tablet or phone even while at social occasions and the number of employees who work away from the traditional office may approach 100 percent.

From desktop to tablet to smartphone to printer, digital devices have made business possible anywhere, anytime. And that brings us to a key question from your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent: Has your insurance protection successfully made the same transition?

For example, if that iPad supplied by your employer is stolen from your home, is the loss covered by your home insurance, your employer’s coverage, or both? What is your responsibility if someone finds the smartphone you left at the internet cafe and uses it to access confidential client data on your office server? How will your personal home liability insurance respond, if at all, when your dog bites the UPS man making a business delivery to your home office? What insurance do you need in order to provide emergency room coverage to the guest who had an allergic reaction to party snacks being served at your network marketing meeting at your neighbor’s home?

Whether you view the crumbling wall between your personal and working life as an advancement in productivity or a decline in social time, it makes sense to be certain your insurance protection is keeping up with your new world of work. Grab your favorite digital device and schedule a time with your Trusted Choice agent today. Um, but not while driving, please. There are some walls that should stay right where they belong.

Digital Safety Tips

  • Wired or wireless, be wise. Here are some digital safety tips from the National Security Alliance:
  • Keep security software current and install the latest versions and updates of browsers and operating systems.
  • Make passwords strong and long. Combine upper lowercase letters with numbers and symbols.
  • When in doubt about emails, attachments or other communications, send to junk mail and delete. You may miss a real message occasionally, but the damage from being too trusting can be catastrophic.
  • Be smart about wi-fi hotspots that now appear to be everywhere. Convenience is great, but limit business connections- especially financial. Be sure security settings are proper.
  • When banking or shopping, always check to be sure web site address begins with “https://” or “shttp://.” A simple “http://” is not secure.
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