The Graduate's Guide to Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve got your degree and you are ready to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities life has to offer. However, with new opportunities come new risks—particularly financial risks. Insurance is your major protection against financial risks, and knowledge about basic insurance facts can make you a better consumer.

This guide is a product of Trusted Choice® and will introduce you to the different types of insurance—which ones you need and which ones you don’t. While this guide addresses the most common questions about insurance, your Trusted Choice® insurance professionals can answer your specific questions, and make sure you have the coverages you need.

Trusted Choice® agents represent multiple insurance companies, so they offer you a variety of coverage choices and can customize a plan to meet your specialized needs. Most importantly, a Trusted Choice® insurance professional isn’t an employee of an insurance company, so you have someone who works for you.

For more information read our Graduates Guide to Insurance.

Trusted Choice can also help you choose the best insurance agent for your needs.


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