By Dahna M. Chandler
Choosing a financial planner can be easier than you think if you just know how. Given that this is one of your most important decisions—your financial planner will help you with major money decisions—you need to know what’s key to consider. In fact, learning to choose the right financial professional is an important part of your personal finance education. This article will give you the tools necessary to make the right choice by asking seven questions about the process and having experts answer them. What is the purpose of financial planning? You should understand the purpose of financial planning before beginning this process. According to certified financial planner Rebecca Schreiber of Pure Financial Education in Silver Spring, MD, “Financial planning is not about just the numbers; it’s about comfort and control.” The fundamental question financial planning addresses, she says, is “What are you worried about and how can financial planning make that better?” The objective, says Schrieber, who got her certified financial planner designation at age 23 after being a child entrepreneur, “Is to use the numbers obtained through the process to change your life in meaningful ways so you’ll be more comfortable and less frightened. ”P. Jeffrey Christakos agrees, adding, “The basic dream most people have is financial stability: bills paid, heat on and enough living space, for example.” Financial planning helps you achieve those goals, says this CPF, CPA and lead advisor at Westfield Wealth Management in Westfield, NJ.