You practice yoga, drink green juice and buy non-GMO snacks. But do you know what’s in your nail polish? If not, you might just be surprised. The truth is, while no nail polish can be chemical-free, there are five different additives included in some nail polish formulations – substances used for shine, durability, fluidity and more – that have been identified as allergenic, carcinogenic or just plain toxic! Fortunately, plenty of cosmetic companies have realized it’s possible to make an excellent nail polish without using some or all of these five nasty toxins. Many of these brands use the terms “3-Free” or “5-Free” to designate which of the chemicals on this list have been left out of their nail polish formulations; but with some luxury brands, it’s much more hush-hush – a hidden benefit that simply isn’t advertised. Never fear, we’ve done some research for you… just see below! What are these 5 frightening toxins you can live without? Toluene: (used to give nail polish a smooth finish) is a common solvent used for paint thinner, lacquer, glue and ink. It is also used as a gasoline additive and in jet fuel blends. Inhalation at low levels can cause confusion, light-headedness and nausea; while higher levels of exposure may harm your nervous system. Formaldehyde: (used as a hardener and preservative) is also used in the embalming of dead animals and humans, in the production of particle board and industrial resins and was recently designated as a “known… human carcinogen” by a US government program. It is a skin, eye and respiratory irritant.