Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance Per State

Homeowners Insurance Costs by State

(Because where you live really does influence your insurance rates)

Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Depending on where you live, your insurance premium might look quite a bit different from your friend's who lives two states over. Not only do state and region of the country influence your insurance premium, but other factors like living near the water and the condition of your house do as well. Check out this guide to average home insurance quotes by state, as well as how much certain factors about your home may or may not influence your policy’s premium.

Average Homeowners Insurance Quotes by State

Location Avg Annual Premium
Montgomery, Alabama                $1,850
Juneau, Alaska               $1,356
Phoenix, Arizona              $1,528
Little Rock, Arkansas              $1,250
Sacramento, California              $1,826
Denver, Colorado              $1,813
Hartford, Connecticut              $1,712
Dover, Delaware              $598
Tallahassee, Florida              $1,727
Atlanta, Georgia              $1,713
Honolulu, Hawaii              $1,083
Boise, Idaho              $940
Springfield, Illinois              $1,405
Indianapolis, Indiana                      $901
Des Moines, Iowa              $1,421
Topeka, Kansas              $2,461
Frankfort, Kentucky              $1,407
Baton Rouge, Louisiana               $1,568
Augusta, Maine              $849
Annapolis, Maryland                  $1,392
Boston, Massachusetts                $1,168
Lansing, Michigan              $1,493
St. Paul, Minnesota              $1,952
Jackson, Mississippi              $1,442
Jefferson City, Missouri               $1,914
Helena, Montana              $1,939
Lincoln, Nebraska              $1,749
Carson City, Nevada              $1,047
Concord, New Hampshire              $773
Trenton, New Jersey              $1,430
Santa Fe, New Mexico              $1,284
Albany, New York              $974
Raleigh, North Carolina              $1,089
Bismarck, North Dakota              $1,901
Columbus, Ohio              $1,214
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma              $2,559
Salem, Oregon              $1,208
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania              $640
Providence, Rhode Island              $1,414
Columbia, South Carolina              $2,321
Pierre, South Dakota              $2,364
Nashville, Tennessee              $1,241
Austin, Texas              $2,451
Salt Lake City, Utah              $711
Montpelier, Vermont              $614
Richmond, Virginia              $1,341
Olympia, Washington              $1,235
Charleston, West Virginia              $1,416
Madison, Wisconsin              $1,313
Cheyenne, Wyoming              $1,263

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What Other Factors Influence the Cost of My Home Insurance Premium?

Once again, the state you live in isn’t the only factor that influences your home insurance premium. Certain details about your unique home that might not even occur to you could have a major impact on your insurance rate. That being said, there are other factors that you might suspect could have a huge influence, but actually don’t. Here’s a look at some of both.

  • Homes with a big family: There is no influence on premium. Home insurance companies allow up to two related families to reside within the same house and be covered by one policy.
  • Homes by/on a lake: There is no influence on premium. In fact, your home insurance company might even reward you with a credit for being located near a water source that the local fire department could draw from.
  • Homes by/on an ocean: The Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast get hit hard insurance premium-wise. Especially if your home is located right near the beach, your insurance premium could be up to 25% higher than those who live further inland in the same city.
  • Homes in a major city: This one might be surprising. Living in a major city has a minimal impact on your home insurance premium in most cases. But if the city’s crime rate is particularly high, your premium might be up to 5% higher than it would be in a safer city.
  • Homes in the suburbs: There is no influence on premium.
  • Two-story homes vs. one-story homes: Little to no influence on premium.
  • Homes in good/bad condition: Homes that have recently been updated, such as the roof and electrical/plumbing systems, might experience up to a 50% reduction on their insurance premium. On the opposite end, homes in bad condition may pay up to 50% more.
  • Homes with a high Public Protection class rating: The Public Protection class rating evaluates how much of risk fire is to your home. Several factors influence your home’s rating, but if yours earns a good score, you might receive up to a 25% reduction on your premium.
  • Homes with high loss histories: Homeowners who have filed several claims throughout the life of their insurance policy, especially for huge expenses like water damage, might see their premiums jump up to double the original rate.

If you have further questions about factors that might influence your home insurance premium, your independent insurance agent can help clear up any confusion.

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