Driver's Ed: Worth It or a Waste?

In 2008, teen drivers were responsible for 6,428 fatalities on our nation’s roadways. In fact, Wayne K. Tully, Chief Executive Officer at National Driver Training, reports that the crash rate for 16-year-old drivers is nearly five times that of crashes for drivers over 25. This is a sobering statistic for the parents of any new drivers. Enrolling teens in a qualified driver's education course may help parents ensure that their children stay safe while out on the road. However, some parents question whether these courses are really worth spending the time and money. If you are among these parents, clarification about the following driver’s ed misconceptions may help you come to a conclusion.
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5 Summer Outings to Please Your Family and Your Wallet

Take advantage of being outside this summer with these inexpensive and family-friendly activities that put an emphasis on nature and local history. There is no need to break the bank to show your family a good time when everything you need can be found right outside your door.
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