The Best Things to Do and Places to Eat in Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country is an area unlike any other. Imagine endless two lane highways that roll across magnificent vistas, cross pristine rivers surrounded by mature trees and lead you to old, tiny towns with unique character and culture. Then throw in a few cowboys, random animals, a limitless array of things to do and places to eat and you’re just starting to scratch the surface of what you’ll find in this delightful area of the country. Needless to say, there are many reasons 5 million people visit this area every year!
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Tire Basics for the Off-Road Enthusiast

Purchasing tires for the off-road enthusiast can be quite tricky. The choice is dependent on what type of driving the vehicle is going to be used for. Both tire and thread construction should be considered in making a decision as to the tire that would be suit the needs of the owner. Tire Construction The first thing we will look at is tire construction. Tires are constructed in one of three ways. Radial Ply This type of casing is the best for highway use. The casing is generally made of polyester and gives a smooth ride. The tire is steel-belted, which helps hold the thread flat. The disadvantage with this type of casing is that the sidewalls are fairly weak and don’t resist impact very well. Another disadvantage is that the steel belts are fairly stiff and give a bad ride on road imperfections such as corrugations.
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On Guard: An Autism Service Dog's Duty to His Little Girl and Her Dad

Over two years ago when we began the process of applying for an autism service dog for our little girl, Kate, we could never have predicted how our lives would change. Outings took major preparation and the idea of doing anything spontaneous was laughable. Our Kate was often confused by her surroundings and she would inevitably wander or worse, run. We took turns carrying her whenever we left the house. We had her therapists spend many hours on the skill of hand-holding because she couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. Can you imagine that? Your little girl can’t hold your hand because she doesn’t understand the purpose. She doesn’t like the feeling and she uses all of her energy to rip free every chance she gets. Her therapists tell you that this is common among children with autism and they have a program all ready to work on this skill. This didn’t comfort me. We practiced everywhere we went. She would often break free and we would chase her. A few times she almost made it to the door, or worse, the road. Carrying a forty-five pound four year old when she doesn’t want to be carried does nothing for your back or your frame of mind.
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How to Build a Cost-Efficient Workforce for Your Small Business

Whether you’ve gone into business hoping to strike it rich or you just want to make enough money to keep your company alive, your priority is keeping your business profitable, and that means controlling costs. In most industries, your work force is going to be one of your biggest expenditures, but cutting back on employee-related costs could leave you with unqualified employees, or worse, a demotivated team. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to keep your work force cost efficient, so you can expend less capital without sacrificing the quality or satisfaction of your team.
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4 Ways Becoming Physically Fit Can Save You Money

There are a number of compelling reasons to get off the couch and get into shape. It will help you look and feel great, your clothes will fit you better and it reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and bone loss. But there is another, often overlooked, benefit. Becoming physically fit can actually save you money. How much money? Well, it varies by the individual, but it is safe to say that you can potentially save enough money to fully cover your gym membership fees and then some! Listed below are four ways that becoming physically fit can fatten up your wallet while slimming down your waistline.
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The 5 Biggest Financial Threats to Your Small Business

Running a business is about balance; you have to balance your weaknesses with greater strengths. You have to balance your team with talented candidates in many different disciplines, and you have to balance threats with opportunities, or at least proactive measures to reduce those threats. Threats to your business can come in many forms, from conceptual failures to real, physical consequences. Some of the most dangerous threats are financial threats, which can escalate your costs, stifle your revenue growth, or in some other way compromise your profitability. As you grow and develop your business, be sure to avoid these five major financial threats:
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