Shop Local This Small Business Saturday with an Independent Insurance Agent

Shop local this small business Saturday

Conducting local business is smart business. When you support local independent firms and retailers, you support your entire community. In return, those municipal enterprises — often family-owned — create jobs and career opportunities and offer residents the kind of personalized service and care that cannot be matched by a national corporation. This year's Small Business Saturday is on November 26th. It's more important than ever to support your community's local businesses.

We most often think about shopping local to help sustain small retailers during the holiday season. But there are many other local businesses — such as entertainment, service and financial firms — that enrich the community in exchange for local support and that can benefit you throughout the year. One example is your local independent insurance agent.

The folks at an independent insurance agency are invested in your needs. They’re often the soccer parents and softball coaches, the volunteers at the homeless shelter, or the go-getters who organize community events. The list goes on. Like you, they live in your community and believe in its people.

What Do You Get in Return When You Invest in Your Local Independent Insurance Agency?

  • Expert knowledge: Insurance can be complicated, especially when you get into the nitty-gritty details. But those details are exactly what your independent agent excels in. Whether you want to insure personal property, your home or your business, your independent insurance agent is a licensed professional who understands your community. He or she knows the local regulatory landscape and shares both the general and specific geographical risks you face. And because you live in the same town, your agent is on hand to explain anything you don’t understand.
  • Options, options, options: Your agent is independent, and that means you have a range of choices that an online direct-to-consumer carrier or a captive agent (who represents just one company) can’t offer you. Your agent can compare the insurance products offered by many carriers to get you the best coverage fit for your needs at the most appropriate price point.
  • Friendly face: You may prefer to do business online, but your independent agent lives nearby and will be there for you after a calamity, whether it’s a tornado, a fire, an auto accident or a home burglary. In fact, your independent agent is likely to become a personal friend, eager to help you during those tough times.

Get Personal

On this Small Business Saturday, enjoy your favorite family restaurant. Buy locally sourced gifts from the gallery downtown. Buy novels from the local bookshop. And take the opportunity to get to know your local independent insurance agent.

It’s always a good time to reexamine your insurance coverage for gaps and potential savings. And Small Business Saturday is a great time to anticipate insurance needs that may arise from those holiday purchases.

Let your local independent insurance agent give you the peace of mind that you, your family, and the things you love are properly protected.

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