All Risks Insurance Company Review

All Risks is a well-established and growing wholesale insurance broker. Here's what we thought about this company.

All Risks at a Glance

  • All Risks was formed as an excess and surplus lines facility in 1964
  • Recognized by Business Insurance Journal as the top independent wholesale insurance broker in the country
  • Offers a broad spectrum of solutions with emphasis on commercial, personal, and specialty programs  
  • Works only with carriers rated AM Best “A-” or better

All Risks Pros: All Risks is a well-established and growing wholesale insurance broker. Offers a broad range of commercial and personal insurance products focused on hard-to-place risks. Focus on technology and innovation. Works with independent insurance agents and their clients.

All risks Cons: The company is not BBB accredited or rated by AM Best on its own, although it does promise to work only with carriers rated A- or better.

What Type of Insurance Does All Risks Offer?

All Risks offers numerous commercial and personal insurance policies. For commercial customers, All Risks specializes in hard-to-place small and large risks including property, casualty, professional liability, workers’ compensation, and more in a wide variety of industries. The company also offers a variety of Specialty Risk Programs for various industries. All Risk’s personal insurance policies include the following.

  • Non-standard homeowners
  • High value homes
  • Condos
  • Builder’s risk
  • Rental dwellings
  • Vacant homes
  • Flood insurance
  • Identity fraud
  • Personal liability
  • Personal umbrella

This list of products offered by All Risks is not exhaustive. To learn more about the products offered by All Risks, you can talk to a local independent insurance agent.

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What to Know about All Risks

All Risks was founded in 1964. As the largest independent wholesale insurance broker in the United States, All Risks delivers technical expertise and tailored package solutions to its retail agent and broker partners.

According to IRMI, a wholesale insurance broker acts as an intermediary between a retail broker and an insurance carrier. Wholesale insurance brokers rarely have direct contact with the insured; rather, the retail broker will manage that relationship and will sell the insurance to the client. Wholesale brokers often have special expertise in certain lines of coverage that may be unusual. They may also have greater access or influence with certain insurance markets that most retail agents or brokers do not have. This makes wholesale brokers important for customers with hard-to-place risks.

In the US, the majority of wholesale insurance brokers work with non-admitted, surplus lines carriers that are not licensed by the individual states and therefore have more flexibility to offer unique, specialty products and more freedom in pricing.

All Risks states that is business is conducted as a three-way partnership where it serves as the intermediary between retail insurance brokers and their clients and the carriers that All Risks represents. It has $2 billion in annual premium and an 18 percent growth rate. It employs over 875 people in 27 locations, and provides a full-service platform of brokerage, contract binding, and program capability.

What Discounts Does All Risks Offer?

All Risks does not make public any information about discounts or savings opportunities.

An independent insurance agent can help you learn more about discounts you may receive when working with All Risks.

All Risks Customer Service

All Risks offers the following contact options

  • Various phone contact for customer service, claims, billing, and premium financing
  • Find a local office or a producer online
  • Customers can pay online or by mail with credit card or ACH depending on the product
  • The company does not publish customer service hours restrictions


Monday-Friday Unknown

If your independent insurance agent has placed your policy with All Risks, the best way to get customer service is by contacting your agent.


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All Risks FAQ

What is All Risks' average claim response time frame?

All Risks works with various insurance carriers and therefore does not publish any specific claims response time on its website.

What is All Risks' customer service availability?

All Risks offers customer service by phone. Detailed bill pay information is available online. Most customers should be able to pay their bills online with a credit card or via ACH, or by phone.

What is All Risks' claims process?

All Risks does not publish a claims process. It does offer a generic phone line for claims inquiries.

Does All Risks create a user-friendly experience for customers?

All Risks acts as an intermediary between independent agents and brokers and their clients. For that reason, most of the information online is geared toward the retail broker. The company’s website is easy-to-navigate and offers a wealth of information about products and specialty programs. All Risks also has a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Does All Risks have good business insurance?

All Risks offers a variety of commercial insurance products for specialty industries or hard-to-place risks.

Is All Risks a good insurance company?

All Risks is a reputable and stable managing general agent. In its role as an intermediary between independent insurance brokers and their clients, it plays an important role in helping customers with unique or hard-to-place risks get the coverage they need. All Risks offers expertise in certain products and specialty lines of insurance that allows retail brokers to bring the highest level of coverage and service to even their most unique clients.

All Risks Customer Reviews

“Nothing but problems. Thank God we've never had to file a claim, they seem to be completely inept just handling billing and inspections.”

5 Stars
“I called All Risks when the office was closed so I went on their website and emailed a member of their leadership team. Within 1-2 hours I received a return phone call and email. I did not expect to receive such a fast response. The individual who called me was extremely helpful, patient and understanding. She went above and beyond what I expected.”'s Final Review

Founded in 1964, All Risks, Ltd. is the largest national independent wholesale brokerage firm offering comprehensive insurance solutions with a full service platform of brokerage, contract binding, exclusive national programs, and specialty personal lines products. All Risks promises the best and brightest in the insurance industry, and the most dedicated and professional operation in the wholesale insurance industry.

Customer reviews are hard to find mostly because customers are kept at arms-length with the retail broker being the primary point of contact for most. All Risk promises to work only with carriers rated A- or better by AM Best. It offers a wide variety of personal and commercial products for hard-to-place risks. Recognized by Business Insurance Journal as the top independent wholesale insurance broker in the country, the company’s has been growing steadily for 25 years.

We award All Risks a final rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. If you have a specialty risk or a hard-to-place home or business, we recommend finding out more about All Risks by working with your independent insurance agent.

What’s more, you can use our national company directory to find the best insurance companies to meet your needs. The directory can help you find companies that specialize in your specific coverage needs and get connected to an agent near you. 

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