California Casualty Group Insurance Company Review

We've looked at over 1,000 insurance companies rating them on strength, accessibility, and service to find the best ones. Here's what people think about California Casualty Group.

California Casualty Group Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 1914
  • Offers personal insurance
  • Offers several types of coverage
  • Rated "B++" (good) by AM Best
  • Rated "A+" (excellent) by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Discounts available
  • 24/7 claims reporting

California Casualty Group pros: More than a century's worth of history in the insurance industry. Excellent website. Many discounts offered. Extended customer service hours. High rating through the BBB. Wide selection of insurance products. Positive customer feedback.

California Casualty Group cons: Rating by AM Best is not as high as other carriers'. No business insurance products offered.

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What Type of Insurance Does California Casualty Group Offer?

Here's an overview of the insurance products offered by California Casualty Group.

  • Auto insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Snowmobile insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Mobile home insurance
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Personal umbrella insurance 
  • Pet insurance

Your independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the coverages offered by California Casualty Group, and help you decide if this insurance company is right for you.

What to Know about California Casualty Group

Founded in 1914, California Casualty Group has more than a century's worth of history in the insurance industry. The insurance company offers a wide variety of coverages for individuals, including auto insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, and personal umbrella insurance. The carrier originally offered workers' comp insurance to employees in their home state of California.

California Casualty Group prides itself in placing their customers first. They offer several waivers, including deductible waivers, for customers with varying needs. Many discounts are also available. The carrier has four locations across the western US and their LinkedIn network shows 629 total employees.

Thanks to its extensive history and coverage options, California Casualty Group has developed a reputation as a reputable and longstanding company. AM Best gives California Casualty Group an overall “B++” rating, indicating the carrier is a good choice in terms of financial strength.

Established in 1899, AM Best is one of the oldest rating companies in the world. Reviews from AM Best indicate an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness and are based on comprehensive evaluations of the company’s operating performance, business profile, and annual report. 


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What Discounts Does California Casualty Group Offer?

Here's a list of discounts offered on California Casualty Group's home insurance, as listed on their official website.

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Non-smoker discount
  • Age 55+/retired discount
  • Home alert protection discount
  • Automatic sprinkler discount
  • Fire resistive discount
  • And many other discounts not available to the general public

California Casualty Group does not provide further details about how to qualify for these discounts, or how much they'll save you on your coverage. For more information about the carrier's discounts, work with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents work hard to get you the most affordable coverage.

California Casualty Group Customer Service

Here's a breakdown of California Casualty Group's customer service options and availability. 

  • Phone contact option
  • Live chat option
  • Fax contact option
  • Snail mail contact option
  • Online claims reporting
  • 24/7 phone claims reporting
  • Customer service phone department has the following hours

Hours (PST)

Monday-Friday 6 am - 6 pm

Saturday 8 am - 1 pm


To ensure a great customer service experience, work together with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other matters for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.

California Casualty Group FAQ

What is California Casualty Group's average claim response time frame?

California Casualty Group offers 24/7 claims reporting via phone, so someone can begin to assist customers immediately upon filing. 

What is California Casualty Group's customer service availability?

California Casualty Group offers generous extended hours by phone during the week, and Saturday hours as well. The carrier can also be reached by fax, mail, or social media. They provide a live chat option for customers on their website too.

What is California Casualty Group's claims process?

Here's California Casualty Group's auto insurance claims process, as outlined on their official website.

"Auto Claims

Where do I get my car fixed?

You have the right to choose any repair facility. It is up to you to decide if the repair shop chosen is equipped and trained to repair the vehicle to industry standards. If you would like help in choosing a repair shop, please ask your adjuster for the names of repair facilities convenient to you. We can recommend shops from our Guaranteed Repair Network.

If your car is safely drivable, you may be asked to get a repair estimate from a body shop or vendor (such as a windshield repair facility). Before authorizing any repairs to your vehicle, please submit that repair estimate to your adjuster for approval.

On larger losses, an appraiser may be assigned to inspect your vehicle. It's our goal to have your vehicle inspected within two working days of knowing where your vehicle is located.

Who will pay for the repairs to my car?

When you sign a repair authorization, we pay the body shops directly after the repairs are done. It's your responsibility to pay your deductible and any depreciation directly to the repair shop at completion of repairs.

How long will it take to repair?

It depends on the amount of damage, availability of parts and the body shop's workload.

What if my vehicle was stolen or is considered a total loss?

We'll determine your vehicle's value by using a market survey of vehicles in your area of like year, model, equipment and condition. A total loss adjuster will contact you to explain your settlement. A check will be issued once we receive all properly completed total loss paperwork.

What if I'm at fault?

If you're determined to be at fault for a collision and another (third) party sustains bodily injury or property damage as a result, your adjuster will handle any third party claims.

If you're contacted by an injured party or their representative, please refer them to your assigned adjuster. Your adjuster will determine the appropriate amount of damages and attempt to settle the other party's claim. Typically we don't discuss third party payments with you. If a lawsuit is filed, we will contact you with further instructions.

What if I'm injured?

If you were injured in an automobile accident and have coverage for those injuries, your claim will be assigned to a medical claim specialist. You will be contacted by your claims specialist regarding your claim and next steps."

Does California Casualty Group's create a user-friendly experience for customers?

California Casualty Group's official website is excellent. The layout is crisp and easy to navigate. Important details are displayed prominently and pages are fleshed out well enough to provide satisfactory information. The carrier also makes itself highly available by phone and through other mediums. Overall, the insurance company provides a highly user-friendly experience. 

Does California Casualty Group have good pet insurance?

One of the more unique coverages offered by California Casualty Group is their pet insurance. Their official website breaks down their pet insurance coverage as follows.

"How does pet health insurance work?

Pet health insurance is a reimbursement policy. You choose a reimbursement percentage up to 90%, and pair it with your desired annual deductible amount to create a plan that works with your budget. Most claims paid in 5 days or less.

What's covered?

Accident and illness coverage from Pets Best reimburses you for many common procedures and illnesses such as the following.

  • X-rays
  • Lab tests
  • Surgeries
  • Cancer
  • Exams
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency visits
  • And much more…"

An independent insurance agent can help you determine if the pet insurance or any other type of coverage offered by California Casualty Group is a good fit for you.

Is California Casualty Group a good insurance company?

California Casualty Group has been around for more than a century now and has an excellent rating through the BBB. Their rating by AM Best is a bit lower than average, though. But the insurance company provides excellent customer service availability and has mainly positive customer reviews. So yes, California Casualty Group can be considered a good insurance company.

California Casualty Group Customer Reviews

5 Stars
I've never had a problem getting a claim processed and the rates are good. Customer service is always helpful and I appreciate the annual coverage review where they go over anything that changed in the past year and make sure your coverage is still appropriate.

5 Stars
They are amazing to work with! We he’d an auto accident and they were very quick to issue payment for the damages. Prices are very reasonable!!

California Casualty has the best policy prices. I am so grateful as an educator that there is a company who is willing to create policies that are affordable to educators, police officers, and firefighters.

Canceled my insurance with them two or three weeks ago. Was told I was getting refunded 43 dollars to find out they took another monthly payment out after I cancelled so 120 dollars about and called to see why they took more money instead of refunding me and they basically told me tough luck. I feel robbed.

5 Stars
Super service! A sleeper company. Best prices anywhere. I am not changing my company because of California Cas.!'s Final Review

We award California Casualty Group a final rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. For starters, the carrier has been in the industry for more than a century now. They're highly rated by the BBB, and while their AM Best rating could be higher, the carrier seems to have mainly satisfied customers.

California Casualty Group offers an excellent website and user-friendly experience. They provide extended contact hours for customers during the week and on Saturdays, as well as online and 24/7 phone claims reporting. The insurance company has a wide selection of insurance products for individuals, from auto insurance to pet insurance and more.

Overall, we highly recommend looking into California Casualty Group with the help of your independent insurance agent to be your next trusted carrier.

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