Goodville Mutual Insurance Company Review

We've looked at over 1,000 insurance companies, rating them on strength, accessibility, and service to find the best ones. Here's what people think about Goodville Mutual.

Goodville Mutual Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 1926
  • Rated "A" (excellent) by AM Best
  • Rated "A+" (excellent) by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Offers several forms of coverage
  • Good customer feedback

Goodville Mutual pros: Longstanding carrier with nearly a century's worth of experience. Offers personal and business coverage. Highly rated by AM Best and the BBB. Good customer feedback.

Goodville Mutual cons: Coverage not available nationwide. Not much information about claims process or discounts provided. Not accredited by the BBB.

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What Type of Insurance Does Goodville Mutual Offer?

Here's an overview of the products available from Goodville Mutual.

  • Home insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Church insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Farm insurance

Your independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the coverages offered by Goodville Mutual, and help you decide if this insurance company is right for you.

What to Know about Goodville Mutual Casualty Company

Goodville Mutual Casualty Company was founded in 1926, giving the insurance company nearly a century's worth of experience in the insurance industry. The carrier's original mission was to provide outstanding and affordable property and casualty coverages. 

Now, Goodville Mutual offers its coverage in eight states. The carrier has expanded from offering auto insurance to home insurance, church insurance, business insurance, and more. 

Goodville Mutual offers its coverage through local independent insurance agents. The insurance company has been recognized by Ward Group as one of the Ward’s 50 property and casualty companies for twelve consecutive years.

Thanks to its longstanding history and award-winning reputation, Goodville Mutual has become known as a stable and reliable carrier with a strong outlook for the future. AM Best gives Goodville Mutual an overall “A” rating, indicating the carrier is an excellent choice for insurance customers.

Established in 1899, AM Best is one of the oldest rating companies in the world. Reviews from AM Best indicate an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness and are based on comprehensive evaluations of the company’s operating performance, business profile, and annual report. 


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What Discounts Does Goodville Mutual Offer?

Goodville Mutual does not make information about their discounts readily available. However, an independent insurance agent can help find these details for you. Independent insurance agents work hard to find you the most affordable coverage that still gets the job done right.

Goodville Mutual Customer Service

Check out this overview of Goodville Mutual's customer service options and availability. 

  • Phone contact option
  • Fax contact option
  • Mobile app available
  • Contact form on website
  • Main customer service phone department has the following hours

Hours (ET)

Monday-Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm

Saturday CLOSED


To ensure a great customer service experience, work together with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other matters for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.

Goodville Mutual Casualty Company FAQ

What is Goodville Mutual's average claim response time frame?

Goodville Mutual does not offer a specific claims response time frame.

What is Goodville Mutual's customer service availability?

Goodville Mutual allows customers to contact them through several mediums, and is available via phone at regular hours, Monday-Friday.

What is Goodville Mutual's claims process?

Goodville Mutual does not detail their claims process beyond how to file. An independent insurance agent can contact the carrier for you and even report your claim, as well as keep you updated through every step of the process.

Does Goodville Mutual create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Goodville Mutual's website is fairly well done, however it would benefit from more information about their claims process and discounts. As far as social media, the carrier is only active on Facebook and LinkedIn. Overall, Goodville Mutual falls a bit behind in the user-friendliness department. 

Does Goodville Mutual have good auto insurance?

Goodville Mutual offers several forms of coverage, including auto insurance. Their official website lists the following coverage options through their auto insurance.

  • Bodily injury, property damage liability
  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury
  • Underinsured, uninsured motorists
  • Comprehensive (other than collision)
  • Collision

The following optional coverages are also available

  • Towing and labor
  • Transportation expenses
  • Loan/lease
  • Repair or replacement
  • Trip interruption

An independent insurance agent can help you find out more about Goodville Mutual's auto insurance and other coverages available, and help you decide if this is the right carrier to meet your needs.

Is Goodville Mutual a good insurance company?

Goodville Mutual is highly rated by AM Best and the BBB. The carrier also has a longstanding history within the industry. Further, the carrier has mainly positive customer feedback. So yes, overall, Goodville Mutual can be considered a good insurance company.

Goodville Mutual Customer Reviews

5 Stars
I had the unfortunate experience of a fatal crash between me in my car and a motorcyclist alone on his motorcycle. The young man on the motorcycle died after being kept on life support for more than a week. It was a horrible experience and I was faced with it alone. Goodville - my insurance company - was a huge support. Providing me with legal council through the entire thing. They gave me a rental car to for over a month while the crash was processed and I got another car. My car was totaled. The account agent talked with me as much as I needed her to. She was very helpful with every aspect of my claim. There was a quick resolve and I was back on the road in no time.

5 Stars
We were previously with Allstate but after switching to Goodwill Mutual we started saving almost a $100 on our policy! Seems like a great company so far. So happy we made the switch.

5 Stars
They've given my husband and me great rates!! Better than our previous insurance. Super nice, easy to work with.

Goodville is prompt, knowledgeable, with no hidden exceptions. The claims are processed in a prompt manner without too much fuss.

5 Stars
We really like this company. The rates are reasonable and they're very easy to work with. The agent we work with is also very good.'s Final Review

We award Goodville Mutual Casualty Company a final rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The carrier is highly rated by AM Best and the BBB and has mainly glowing customer reviews. The insurance company also has close to a century's worth of experience behind them at this point.

Goodville Mutual offers both personal and business coverages. However, coverage is only available in select states currently. We love the Goodville Mutual sells its products through a network of independent insurance agents. The carrier could benefit from a more comprehensive social media presence, though.

Overall, we recommend looking into Goodville Mutual along with your independent insurance agent as an option to be your next trusted carrier.

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