Horace Mann Insurance Company Review

Is Horace Mann a good insurance company?

Horace Mann Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 1945
  • Offers coverage for individuals and their families
  • “A+” (excellent) rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • “A” (excellent) rating by AM Best
  • Offers home, life, auto, property, and liability insurance
  • Large network of independent insurance agents
  • Also offers liability, renters, and supplemental insurance
  • Strong financial stability
  • Mobile app access

Horace Mann pros: Long-standing company with more than 75 years worth of experience in the insurance industry. Provides a full range of life insurance, home, auto, and liability, as well as other coverage types. Offers great rates on their insurance products. Offers policyholders numerous options for accessing their insurance coverage.

Horace Mann cons: Concerning number of customer service complaints by policyholders across multiple review websites. Not BBB accredited. More than 15 customer complaints filed against the insurance company through the BBB over the past three years.

What Type of Insurance Does Horace Mann Offer?

Horace Mann is a specialty insurance company and provides a variety of insurance products to educators. It caters to individuals and offers several types of coverage, including the following.

Auto insurance
Life insurance:
Term life insurance, Cash value term life insurance, Whole life insurance, Universal life insurance, Indexed universal life insurance, Variable universal life insurance
Home insurance
Renters insurance
Liability insurance
Supplemental insurance
Savings and retirement:  
Employer-sponsored retirement plans, Individual retirement accounts
College savings and investments
Annuities, Investment management services

For individuals, Horace Mann offers a variety of coverage options. Whether you are in the market for life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, liability insurance, supplemental insurance, or a combination thereof, Horace Mann might be the best choice for you.

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What to Know about Horace Mann

Horace Mann was founded in 1945, making it a proven insurance carrier with more than 45 years worth of experience in offering quality insurance policies and service to individuals. Today, Horace Mann is one of the largest educator insurance companies in the world.

Horace Mann’s proven history has helped it to earn a reputation as a particularly stable company. Additionally, AM Best reports that the insurance company belongs to the $250 million to $500 million financial size category.

Horace Mann’s long-standing status and amount of current insurance products for educators, the insurance company’s reputation as a financially stable insurance provider with a strong outlook for the future. AM Best is the leading global credit rating agency that monitors the insurance industry, gives Horace Mann an “A” rating, indicating the insurance company is an excellent choice for insurance customers. The “A” rating assures would-be customers that Horace Mann can offer secured coverage from a reliable and trustworthy insurance company.

What Discounts Does Horace Mann Offer?

Horace Mann offers many competitive discount programs for their customers, most notably for auto and property insurance. These discounts include the following.

  • Auto insurance discounts
    • Educator discount
    • Multiline discount
    • Multicar discount
    • Association member discount
    • Payroll discount
    • New customer discount
    • HMDrive®
    • Driver safety discounts
    • Car safety discounts
    • Good student drivers discount
  • Property insurance discounts
    • Multiline discount
    • Construction year discount
    • Claims/persistency discount
    • Home buyer loyalty discount
    • Educator advantage discount
    • Protective device discount
  • Life insurance
    • Discounted rates for educators
  • Multiline discounts
    • Multiple lines of business discount
    • Multipolicy discount

Independent insurance agent can help you find better discounts available from Horace Mann, assisting you to get the most for your money.

Horace Mann Customer Service

Horace Mann allows customers to handle claims over the phone or through their website via a self-service portal, 24/7. There are many customer service options available through the official website as well, including payment options and policy information.

  • Customer service availability - Horace Mann states that they can also be reached via mail. Horace Mann’s contact center for customer service has the following hours restrictions.

Hours (Central)

Monday-Friday 7am - 8pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Horace Mann sells insurance through a vast network of independent insurance agents. Independent insurance agents are also there to handle claims and other insurance concerns for you, making customer service effortless.


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Horace Mann FAQ

What is Horace Mann's average claim response time frame?

Horace Mann’s claims reporting hotline is available for customers via a toll-free phone number. Customers can also submit claims by an online form through the website or via mail. However, the insurance company does not make an official claims response time frame promise on their website.

What is Horace Mann's customer service availability?

Horace Mann offers a toll-free phone line for prospective and current customers to get in touch with them at slightly restricted hours, Monday through Friday, 7am – 8pm. However, the insurance company’s claims reporting department can be reached 24/7.

What is Horace Mann's claims process?

Though customers can report claims via phone, Horace Mann encourages claims reporting through an online form located on their website. The following information is available through the official website on claims processing.

“Once you submit an auto or homeowner claim, your claim is forwarded to one of our regional claims offices, and a representative from the claims office handling your claim will contact you.

Auto glass claims are handled by our Fast Glass unit in the home office. You may use a network repair shop or the glass repair company of your choice. If the repair work has already been completed, please send the bill to:

The Horace Mann Companies

P.O. Box 19223

Springfield, IL 62794-9223

If you need help locating a glass repair shop near you, or if you have additional questions, please call Horace Mann Fast Glass at 1-888-321-9391. The Horace Mann Fast Glass program is administered by a third-party contractor on behalf of The Horace Mann Companies.”

Additional information about what documentation is required for each type of insurance is listed on the insurance company’s website. Horace Mann customers can also check the status of their existing claims online, at any time.

Does Horace Mann have good personal insurance?

The reviews are mixed about Horace Mann’s ability to provide good personal insurance. However, according to the BBB and AM Best, Horace Mann is a financially strong company with many educator insurance options.

Is Horace Mann a good company?

According to many customer service reviews across many platforms, Horace Mann is not a very good insurance company for educators. They have communication issues with clients and mechanics, as well as issues with getting paid for services.

Does Horace Mann's website create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Customers can file claims, check claim’s status, pay bills, and learn what types of coverage are available through their official website. As far as social media is concerned, the insurance company does have a presence on both Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to make itself more available to customers.

Horace Mann Customer Reviews

5 Stars
“I was rear ended by one of Horace Mann's insured drivers. She was obviously at fault. They were very prompt with getting the claim going and having the damage on my car appraised. They payed for all the damage to be repaired on my vehicle and covered all costs for a rental car for the 3 weeks mine was in the shop. I only paid for the fuel on the rental and a $100 security deposit that I got back after I returned it. They even cut me a $200 check to cover doctor visits etc. if needed even though I told them I was fine and came away unscathed with just a bit of a headache from the accident. I didn't have any issues dealing with the company or my adjuster and he was very accommodating and prompt. He took care of everything no questions asked and was polite. This was my first ever accident and I was afraid dealing with the insurance company of the liable driver would be Hell but it was actually a very positive experience. I'd buy insurance from them if I was a teacher!"—Ashley N. Woonsocket, RI

“An elk ran into the side of my vehicle on a highway at night. My passenger had a broken neck and the car was totaled. I was obviously considered not at fault. It took nearly a year for Horace Mann to cover the medical costs of the accident because “the other party (read: elk) didn’t have insurance”. Additionally, I had to switch agents 3 times due to lack of responsiveness. Every party I worked with (tow company, hospitals, etc.) told me they had trouble getting ahold of anyone at Horace Mann. Oh, and the hospital put a lien on Horace Mann in my name due to Horace Mann not paying. Total nightmare.” —tgiffy14

5 Stars
“I was introduced to Horace Mann when I became a teacher. After comparing the rates and coverage of auto to many large national as well as small local ones, Horace Mann's stats blew them all out of the water. I have never had to make a claim so I can not speak to the claim service, but the representative meets me anywhere I need to for a face to face meeting. I am also given a 10% discount for having my rates deducted from my paychecks. Overall, I am very satisfied with the amount of coverage provided at the current rate.” —Tom Mott

“Horace Mann Insurance Company has carried my automobile insurance over 25 years and my home insurance since 2005. I've always been pleased as they have always paid if I had a claim, which has been infrequent. Unfortunately there has been some change in this company as far as competence and ethics. On November 28, 2018, my local insurance rep and I were given a rate of 533 dollars for my auto policy but when the bill arrived, it was for 672 dollars. After a long conversation with a different customer service representative, I learned that the first customer service rep had given an incorrect quote that did not take into account a new increase for Texas residents that occurred in September of 2018. After the second customer service representative relayed the information to customer retention, I learned that Horace Mann will not honor the premium quote of 533 dollars but will stand by the 132 dollar increase. This will be my last year with Horace Mann. Very sad to see the deterioration of this once fine company.” —Jan J.

5 Stars
“I have this insurance through my dad who is a teacher and it's actually really good. No one else seems to have it but I have always been very very well covered at a decent price. My current policy covers everything including damage to third parties and covers all expenses for the cars involved (depending on who is determined to be at fault, as is standard). I have only been in two minor fender benders but this insurance policy really covered everything. I was reimbursed for all damage to my vehicle in a very timely manner. No complaints here!” —Kate Avansino

TrustedChoice.com's Final Review

We award Horace Mann a final rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. The insurance company’s established status, as well as being one of the largest educators insurance companies in the nation, clearly shows Horace Mann’s reputability and resilience. Horace Mann has a notably strong financial stability and offers reputable coverage to customers across the nation. However, a concerning number of customer complaints about the insurance company’s claim responses confirms that Horace Mann still has plenty of room to grow. The number of complaints filed against the insurance company through many social media sites within recent years also prevents them from being one of our top picks. It is clear that millions of customers currently trust Horace Mann to take care of their insurance needs, and that is undoubtedly worth taking into consideration.

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