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  • Founded in 1999
  • Part of Markel Insurance Company
  • Offers umbrella coverage for individuals
  • Offers coverage in several categories
  • Coverage available in 45 states
  • “A+” (excellent) rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • “A” (excellent) rating by A.M. Best for Markel Insurance Company
  • Fast quote delivery
  • Fast policy application pros: More than 20 years’ worth of experience in the insurance industry. High rating through the BBB. Fast quote delivery and policy writing. cons: Not BBB accredited. Official website is extremely outdated. Not much information about coverage provided. No information about claims provided. Very limited social media presence. Coverage not available nationwide. No online bill pay. Lack of modern customer service options. High volume of negative customer feedback. Limited coverage selection.

What Type of Insurance Does Offer? is a specialized insurance company, with a focus on excess liability coverage for individuals. Their only insurance product offered is:

  • Umbrella insurance

Your independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the coverage offered by, and help you decide if this insurance company is right for you.

What to Know about was founded in 1999, giving the carrier just over 20 years’ worth of experience in the insurance industry. The insurance company focuses its efforts on umbrella insurance, AKA excess liability coverage, for individuals. The carrier is a part of the Markel Insurance Company and is a family operated insurance company.

Today, still focuses on providing umbrella coverage for individuals across the U.S. Coverage is currently available in 45 states. The carrier reportedly works with 37,000 agents and brokers nationally, and has more than 100,000 policies in force. While A.M. Best has not rated specifically, they place Markle Insurance Company in the $2 billion or greater financial size category.

Markel Insurance Company has earned a reputation as a stable insurance company with a positive outlook for the future. A.M. Best, the leading global credit rating agency monitoring the insurance industry, gives Markel Insurance Company an “A” rating, indicating the carrier is an excellent choice for insurance customers. High ratings from A.M. Best assure customers that Markel Insurance Company is capable of offering guaranteed, secure coverage from a financially sound carrier.

Established in 1899, A.M. Best is one of the oldest rating companies in the world. Reviews from A.M. Best indicate an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness, and are based on comprehensive evaluations of the company’s operating performance, business profile, and balance sheet. For customers who aren’t as familiar with insurance companies’ respective reputations, A.M. Best’s ratings system allows them to make an informed decision about who they can trust to meet their needs in the short term and to remain a strong, financially sound company in the long term.

What Discounts Does Offer?

While does not make information about their specific discounts readily available, there are several discounts commonly offered on umbrella insurance. These discounts include:

  • Claims-free discount: Awarded to customers who have not filed claims through their existing insurance over a set number of years. 
  • Senior discount: Awarded to customers who are age 50 or older when signing up for coverage. 
  • Safe driver discount: Awarded to customers who have no accidents or traffic violations on record for a set number of years. 
  • Good credit discount: Awarded to customers who have good credit scores. 

An independent insurance agent can provide more exact discount information and premium quotes for coverage through When it comes to coverage, independent insurance agents work hard to help to get you the most bang out of your buck. Customer Service provides the following customer service options:

  • Fax contact option
  • Snail mail contact option
  • Customer service phone contacts (no business hours provided)

The best way to ensure a smooth customer service experience is to work with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other concerns for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage. FAQ

What is's average claim response time frame? does not list any information about filing claims on their official website, and therefore does not provide a claims response time frame promise.

What is's customer service availability? does not provide any information for customers about filing claims. Their contact page lists several phone numbers for different inquiries, but no business hours are provided. The carrier also only has LinkedIn in terms of social media, making for overall very poor customer service availability.

What is's claims process? provides virtually zero information about filing claims, a claims process, or anything claim related at all. The carrier provides a list of phone contacts for customers with “problems” or “questions,” but does not appear to have a separate claims department.

Does create a user-friendly experience for customers?’s official website looks like it was created in 1999 and never updated. The website almost looks fake, and certainly sketchy. There is hardly any information provided for customers, no business hours are given, details about coverage are not listed, and navigation is downright confusing and frustrating. It appears that all services have to be done over the phone or via fax, which is extremely outdated by today’s standards. Further, the carrier only has a social media profile on LinkedIn, which makes it even more difficult for customers to get in touch with them. Overall, provides one of the worst user experiences we’ve ever seen.

Does have good umbrella insurance? focuses its efforts on umbrella insurance. However, their official website does not provide much information about their coverage.’s website only states that they provide umbrella coverage for the following categories:

  • Personal property
  • Personal automobiles
  • Watercraft/unlicensed vehicles/jet ski
  • Business property
  • Business operations
  • Business automobiles
  • Farms

Your independent insurance agent can help you find out more information about the insurance company’s umbrella coverage.

Is a good insurance company?

With a laughably outdated website, virtually no information about their coverage or claims process, and many negative customer reviews, it does not seem like can be considered a good insurance company. A.M. Best has only rated the carrier’s parent company, Markel Insurance Company; however the carrier has received a high rating through the BBB. Still, judging by appearances and especially the carrier’s complete lack of effort to create a user-friendly experience, we can’t find much evidence of being a reputable insurance company. Customer Reviews

“Communication was a major headache. They only call you when they feel like it, about 80% of my voicemails were not answered. None of my emails were answered, ever. It seems like they trying hard not to leave any paper trail. My advice is to stay away from this company. Even if they can save you couple of dollars on premium, at the end it will end up costing you much more.”
“Great price compared to Progressive, Geico, and many others,  pretty easy application online, bad at paying claims and making you feel like a liar. I am going on 40 days still waiting to see if my claim is going to be accepted or denied and this is after they have interviewed me and witnesses and companies not even involved.”
“Waste of money. Price of insurance was not bad but once you make a claim they will try to make you feel like a liar and do anything they can to not pay. Horrible experience.”
“STAY AWAY. They only want your money and premiums increases every year for no reason. Difficult to receive money from this scamming company after an accident.”
“This company's policies are full of loopholes that make it difficult if not impossible to ever be reimbursed for a claim. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I learned the hard way.”'s Final Review

We award insurance company a final rating of 1 out of 5 stars. The carrier has been around since 1999, and apparently so has its website. Even though the insurance company is family operated, there’s really no excuse to have such an outdated official website at this point in time. It’s virtually impossible to find information about the carrier’s coverage, and there is absolutely no information provided about claims. Though the insurance company has received a high rating through the BBB, they are not accredited by the organization. The carrier is also not rated by A.M. Best; only their parent company has been rated. The insurance company’s website does boast that they deliver quotes and new policies within five minutes, but that seems to be their only impressive feature. Customer feedback is also largely negative, with some reviews going as far as calling the company a “scam.” Overall, our recommendation is to work with your independent insurance agent to check into all your other options for umbrella insurance, and skip altogether.

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