Holiday Travel: Arrive Happy and Healthy

As millions of Americans hit the airports, holiday joy can turn into a bad time really quickly. From long lines and cranky infants to turbulence and cramped quarters, holiday travel can definitely test your limits. Trusted Choice has put together a list of pro-tips to make your holiday travel as easy and simple as possible.
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6 Must-Do Fall Activities for True Country Girls

Crisp mornings and multicolor leaves can only mean one thing: it's fall. And for country girls, fall is just as fun as summer. So whether you're an aspiring country girl, or full fledged tractor driving, cow loading pro, we've got a list of five must-do fall country girl activities.
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5 Simple Steps for Buying Used Farm Equipment

So, you've got a great piece of land, and maybe a tractor or two, but it's just not enough. Maybe you've got a great tractor, but you need a new implement like a bush hog or a hay rake. Whatever your equipment needs are, it's a wise idea to know get the inside scoop when it comes to buying used farm equipment.
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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Farm

While fast-paced city life may be the perfect fit for some people, many couples and families are opting to move out of the city and into a more rural atmosphere. Whether it’s a one-acre lot or a 500-acre farm, families across the nation are starting to move toward a more farm-like lifestyle. Gardening is one of the fastest growing hobbies, and canning is right on its tail. Whether your family is looking to just get some breathing room, or you're beginning to look at a full-time farming operation, here are a few things to consider before packing up the wagon and heading out West.
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8 Things a Country Girl Should Know

Whether you live on a farm, in a suburb, or in the city, being a "country girl" is a rising trend. Being a country girl is much more than just throwing on a pair of cute cowgirl boots and a cowboy hat; it's a lifestyle. Country living is tough, and requires investments of time and hard work. We've compiled a list of eight things a real country girl should know how to do.
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Someone Fell off My Horse. Can They Sue Me?

Whether you own one horse or ten, chances are you've been asked by a friend or visitor to let them ride. While this seems like a friendly gesture, you may be opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit. Horses are powerful animals. Even if you follow all the rules of horsemanship, you can never predict a horse's actions - or the actions of a rider. A plastic bag blowing by, a panic attack while riding, or even a sneeze can set a disaster in motion.
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