How to: Win 65% More Business With a 5-minute Video

Here’s the problem: We don’t have the luxury of meeting all our prospects in person anymore.

Here’s the problem: We don’t have the luxury of meeting all our prospects in person anymore.

(Thank you, internet.)

And I actually kind of miss that.

There’s something awkwardly special about sitting across from someone you’re meeting for the first time, shootin the breeze for a few minutes and then getting down to business.

You can see their facial expressions, read their body language, vibe off their energy. And they can do the same with you.

But over the phone? Or over text? Or FB message? Or LinkedIn? Or email? Or however else you’re selling digitally in 2018?

It’s just harder to make that connection online.

OR………is it that we haven’t yet utilized the right digital tools?

If you follow me on YouTube, you know my obsession with video.

What most don’t know about my video obsession is that it has nothing to do with video and everything to do with connection.

Let me tell you a story

A few months ago, I was at an insurance conference in Washington, D.C.

I was walking through the crowd at a happy hour and all of a sudden I hear someone calling my name behind me.

I turn around and see a lady standing up waving her arms and I freeze.

I have NO idea who she is!!

This is my JOB, guys and gals. To know people. To remember people. To have their names ready to pull out of my back pocket at any moment.

And I couldn’t for the LIFE of me recall who this person was.

I start to walk slowly towards her…hoping that her name would eventually pop up in my head if I could make this walk of shame last long enough.



No name.

Not even a first letter.

Too late.

I dive in and shake her hand with the biggest, most energetic smile I can find.

She starts with, “I LOVE watching your videos! They’re amazing!”

After which I immediately thought, “YESSS!”

(Because I really didn’t have any idea who she was.)

And because my videos had once again worked their online magic: helped me make yet another connection.

By the way, the lady’s name is Lauren. She’s a Travelers Regional Manager. We ended up talking for quite a while and then put out a piece of cobranded Travelers/Agency Nation content together a few weeks later.

So, boom.

That’s the power of video.

No, we can’t meet all of our prospects in person. And no, ultimately, video won’t ever be quite the same.

But it comes pretty darn close.

It gives people the chance to see your facial expressions, read your body language, vibe off your energy.

Aka, connect.

And it’s why MANY independent insurance agents have jumped on board the Video Proposal wave.

What’s a video proposal?

So glad you asked.

Right now, as I’m typing this, most agents email insurance quotes to their prospects with either (a) a huge block of “explanatory” text or (b) one line of text that says “quote attached.”

First of all, no insurance consumer actually understands what’s inside their quote.

So, the agents who ship off the quote with one line of text are asking their consumers to make a price-based decision.

Second, reading text is WORK. Especially any insurance text.

Are you sure they’re understanding the real “value” in their value-based decision?

Many agents are scrapping both of the above.

They’re now popping up their webcam, filming themselves walking/talking through the quote and shipping that 5-minute video off in an email to their prospects.

Nicole Johns from The Johns Family Agency, who has been doing this for a few months now, has recorded a 65% higher close rate on business pitched with a Video Proposal.

Here’s a note from a recent prospect (now client) who needed to insure his $500,000 home:

 “Thank you very much for the proposal and detailed video. The video was very helpful in going through everything. The policy you chose looks like a great value for the cost. Below is what I received from the bank for their requirements on the insurance coverage. Can you please verify that the proposed coverage meets their request?”

“…great value for the cost.” Sweet. He gets it.

Want to try this strategy for yourself?

Here’s how to do so, for FREE:

  • Download Loom (or a software similar to Loom that allows you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously – like Wistia’s Soapbox).
  • Record your video. Make sure to include a warm intro, keep your quote walk-through under 5 minutes and be sure to ask them to call or email you at the end.
  • Take a shot of the video’s cover (hint: INCLUDE the play button. People can’t not click a Play button. Believe me.) See below…
  • Put your shot (with the Play button!) in an email. See below….
  • Hyperlink your image with the video’s URL! As an example, try clicking the image above.

Congrats, you’re now officially a video rockstar.

It’s really that simple, people!

Ok, truth be told, there are ways you can make this strategy even beefier.

But I’ll save that for those of you who really want to take it to the next level.

If that’s you, check out Agency Nation Insiders, where you’ll learn how to crush video proposals and MORE.

‘Til next time,


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