How the Right Insurance Helped Victims after the Chicago NBA Finals Riots

And how learning from it can help you can prepare for your own worst disasters.

Catastrophes come in all shapes and sizes, and are sometimes even disguised as celebrations when they begin. Three consecutive years of rioting following the NBA Chicago Bulls’ Finals games demonstrated this perfectly. Thousands of arrests were made, hundreds of stores were looted, cars were destroyed, and innocent people were caught in the crossfire. Fortunately for victims of these intense riots, coverages like home and car insurance were there to help.

Independent insurance agents can help you prepare for your own worst disasters as well, even if they’re not as violent as the NBA Finals riots. They’ve handled all kinds of claims and know which important coverages are needed for every type of disaster, so they can get you covered well in advance. But first, here’s a closer look at the Chicago NBA Finals riots and all the ways insurance was able to help victims recover and get back to their lives.

What Was the Impact of the Chicago NBA Finals Riots?

In the early ‘90s, three consecutive championships by the NBA team, the Chicago Bulls, spawned dangerous riots involving looting and other forms of violence and destruction. Riots occurred following the Chicago NBA Finals in 1991, 1992, and 1993. The rioting that followed the 1992 championships was the most severe by far. The impact of these infamous riots is still remembered today.

Quick stats about the Chicago NBA Finals riots:

  • 115 arrests were made during the 1991 riots
  • Two teenagers were injured by stray bullets during the 1991 riots
  • Various stores and restaurants were looted, costing thousands of dollars of damage during the 1991 riots
  • More than 1,000 arrests were made during the 1992 riots
  • 61 police vehicles were damaged during the 1992 riots
  • Fires were started and two taxicabs were overturned and destroyed during the 1992 riots
  • One taxicab was pushed into an ice cream shop
  • 347 stores were looted during the 1992 riots
  • 200 civilians and 61 police officers were injured during the 1992 riots
  • Five innocent people were killed during the 1993 riots
  • Almost 700 arrests were made during the 1993 riots
  • Dozens of stores were looted during the 1993 riots

Though the Chicago NBA Finals riots caused massive amounts of terror and destruction, fortunately victims were able to receive financial aid and recover through insurance.

Who Helped the Victims of the Chicago NBA Finals Riots?

Members of the Chicago Police Department were the true heroes when it came to helping the innocent victims of the NBA Finals riots each year they occurred. It took hundreds of police officers to help get rowdy residents back under control to protect the public, dozens of which ended up getting injured during their efforts. Local firefighters also helped various business owners by extinguishing flames sparked on their property by particularly dangerous rioters.

How Did Property Insurance Help Victims Get Back to Their Lives?

Fortunately for victims of the Chicago NBA Finals riots, property insurance also allowed them to help rebuild and restructure their lives. Property insurance coverage provided relief to riot victims in the following ways:

  • Rebuilding homes and other structures: Property insurance pays for costs associated with repairing and rebuilding structures that are damaged by covered perils, such as rioting. Victims of the Chicago NBA Finals riots, who suffered damage to their homes or other structures, were able to be reimbursed through their property coverage.
  • Replacing personal property: Property insurance also pays for costs necessary to replace, repair, or recover lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, collectibles, etc. Property insurance typically covers personal property up to 50% to 70% of the insured value of the structure of the home if it’s lost/damaged/destroyed by rioting.
  • Repairing greenery outside homes: Property coverage also reimburses for costs associated with repairing or replacing greenery outside of homes, including trees and shrubs if it’s damaged by rioting. Limits typically cap at $500 per plant, but coverage amounts can be increased. Victims of the Chicago NBA Finals riots whose gardens were trampled or otherwise destroyed by rioters were able to be reimbursed by their property insurance.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll have to file claims due to championship game rioting, it’s still important to know all the ways property insurance helped these victims to recover to better understand what this coverage can do for you.

Is Riot Coverage Part of Every Homeowners Policy?

Yes, luckily for victims of any of the Chicago NBA Finals riots, civil commotions and riots are covered perils under homeowners insurance. Standard homeowners policies across the map include coverage for damage and liabilities caused by rioting. Riot protection included in homeowners insurance covers not only the structure of the home, but also personal property stored inside it and detached structures like sheds, in the event it’s stolen or damaged.

Homeowners insurance also includes coverage for additional living expenses (ALE) if you’re forced to temporarily live elsewhere while awaiting repairs to your home. Coverage provided by ALE can be applied to stays in hotel rooms, meals out, extra gas mileage, and more.

Regardless of where you’re located in the country, your homeowners policy should automatically include protection for rioting. But without homeowners insurance, victims of severe rioting, such as the incidents following the Chicago NBA Finals games, would have to pay for damages out of pocket. Talk to your independent insurance agent to get your home set up with all the coverage it needs against riots and other disasters.

How Did Car Insurance Help Victims to Get Back to Their Lives?

Victims of the Chicago NBA Finals riots were further able to resume life thanks to their auto insurance. Car insurance helped Chicago NBA Finals riots victims in the following ways:

  • Repairs/replacements: Victims whose cars were damaged by accidents during the riots were able to repair their vehicles thanks to their collision coverage. Totaled vehicles, such as the destroyed taxicabs, were able to be replaced through auto insurance as well.
  • Rental cars: Auto insurance provided victims with rental cars so they could continue routine activities such as commuting to work while they were awaiting repairs to their vehicles.
  • Medical payments: Victims who got injured during the Chicago NBA Finals riots were compensated by their auto insurance for medical payments while receiving treatment.

Your car insurance claims may not be caused by severe rioting, but it’s good to know all the ways this important coverage can protect you from your own worst disasters.


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How Did Business Insurance Help Owners Get Back to Work?

Many business owners were affected by each of the Chicago NBA Finals riots, as hundreds of stores, restaurants, etc. were looted, vandalized, burned, or otherwise damaged each year.  Fortunately for them, their business insurance helped them to get back to work ASAP.

Business insurance helped victims of the Chicago NBA Finals riots in the following ways:

  • Repairs to businesses’ structures: Business insurance policies provide protection against property damage to businesses that’s caused by rioting.
  • Replacement of inventory: Business insurance also covers rioting damage to or theft of inventory.
  • Protection against bankruptcy: Business insurance helps owners to repair their property and replace lost inventory without having to pay out of their own pocket.
  • Replacement of lost income/wages: Business insurance helps owners recover lost income while their doors are temporarily closed for repairs, and also pays to compensate employees while they are out of work.

Business insurance was absolutely critical for professionals during the Chicago NBA Finals riots, and it’s still an essential coverage today.

Are Victims of the Chicago NBA Finals Riots and the City Back to Normal Now?

Fortunately for victims of the NBA Finals riots and the city of Chicago, life has largely returned to normal. Important coverages, like homeowners insurance, helped victims to rebuild or repair their homes and other property, car insurance helped victims to repair or replace damaged or destroyed vehicles, and business insurance helped professionals avoid bankruptcy and reopen their doors to the public.

Property insurance was extremely important for homeowners and business owners alike following the riots. As hundreds of businesses were targeted by looters, many repairs had to be made to structural damage, and a great deal of inventory had to be replaced. Thanks to previous experience in handling Finals riots, the Chicago Police Department was able to better control the 1993 rioting than during the preceding years.

Here’s How an Independent Insurance Agent Can Help Protect You from Your Own Disasters

You’ll hopefully never encounter a tragedy as unsettling as the Chicago NBA Finals riots, but independent insurance agents can certainly help protect you from your own disasters. Independent insurance agents search through multiple carriers to find providers who specialize in home, auto, business, and all other forms of insurance, deliver quotes from a number of different sources, and help you walk through them all to find the best blend of coverage and cost.

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