Can You Afford Not to Insure Your Exotic Pet?

(Here's what you need to know)
Exotic pets require specialized care.

Once there was a time when parrots and tortoises were considered to be the exotic pets, but now people are adopting the most uncommon animals like pythons, boas, rats, birds of prey, iguanas, pot-bellied pigs, alligators, zebras, monkeys, and reptiles. These days, even insects can be counted as members of a typical American family.

Why Do You Need Exotic Pet Insurance?

Unlike other domestic pets such as cats, dogs, or hamsters, exotic pets require special care. Having an exotic pet may require a veterinarian with specialized knowledge about treatments and/or a high-tech facility to ensure the health and recovery of your pets.

Having insurance gives you the freedom to make the best decisions for your pet. As with humans, health care for pets is also expensive. Having insurance for exotic pets can provide funds to run tests, do surgery where required, and administer proper medications. 

All of this could be very expensive if you have to pay for it completely out of pocket. Some insurance policies even cover wing and nail trims, egg binding, and surgeries as well. Different types of policies are available for different kinds of pets.

Tigers Living Right Next Door? What Issues Might Occur?

It’s not always easy and fun to have an exotic animal. For example, if your animal bites someone, it could become a major issue for you. The person who was attacked might press charges against you. Your exotic pet might get loose and cause property damage or injuries. Your pet might even get attacked by a person or an animal and need major vet care.

What Will My Pet Insurance Policy Cover?

Generally, a pet insurance policy will cover any unexpected vet fees up to the amount defined in the plan. It will also cover the death of the animal through illness or injury. The policy may also cover the loss of your exotic pet due to theft or escape. If your pet happens to attack someone, the third-party claims for bodily injury are covered under the policy, up to the limits you set. 

Third-party liability claims include any situation where the exotic animal might be a danger to humans, property, or other animals, or if it escapes and is a dangerous animal like a venomous snake or scorpion.

Because your pet is important to you, and you’ve invested time and money into its care, insuring the exotic animal you own might be a smart choice. Especially because you cannot predict all of the unexpected issues that might occur with an exotic pet, it might be wise to consider all your options.

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