Powerful new software deployment cements TrustedChoice.com as insurtech leader

New software advances ability to launch, personalize and scale ambitious digital marketing programs to insurance consumers and independent agents.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., Feb. 20, 2018 — TrustedChoice.com, a thriving insurtech leader that develops digital solutions for the independent insurance channel, today announced a software transformation across its digital marketing platform.

The all-new, headless content management system (CMS) transforms the customer experience, enabling rapid customization and syndication of digital content to stay ahead of rapidly changing SEO and technology trends.

As digital touchpoints continually expand for everything from social media sites to blogs to video channels, a scalable, cloud-based CMS enables TrustedChoice.com to display content in any format, anywhere and to any digital device, all while tracking visitor engagement to personalize the consumer journey.

“Our ability to swiftly scale and customize content in any format for our digital marketing platforms puts us at the insurance industry’s technology forefront,” said Derek Hyde, TrustedChoice.com chief technology officer. “By providing a headless environment with a wide-open API, we’ve built an unprecedented content delivery system that’s lightning fast, flexible and scalable.”

As the online destination of 450,000-plus insurance shoppers each month, the TrustedChoice.com website educates consumers about insurance coverage and connects them to an expert independent insurance advisor at the right buying moment.

“We thrive in the brackish water, harnessing the best aspects of modern insurance technology to provide consumers the most valuable insurance experience, working with a human being to get the best coverage for their life for business, rather than bots and algorithms,” said Ryan Hanley, TrustedChoice.com chief marketing officer. “With our continual demographic and content campaign testing, employing the latest technology means we can stay ahead of trends to deliver value to the millions of consumers looking for insurance solutions as well as the 20,000 independent agents and 60-plus insurance companies we serve. No one in the marketplace can beat us.”

View the new TrustedChoice.com consumer website, powered by the new technology platform, at www.trustedchoice.com.

About TrustedChoice.com

TrustedChoice.com builds technology solutions that enable independent insurance agencies and insurance companies to compete in a digital-first marketplace. TrustedChoice.com insurance content attracts, educates and matches insurance consumers with participating independent insurance agents and insurance companies to drive relationships and revenue. As the industry’s leading digital referral platform for the independent agent channel, TrustedChoice.com created 10 million monthly brand impressions, attracted nearly 6 million website visits and connected 130,000 new business opportunities to participating independent agencies in 2017.

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