Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance for Extraterrestrial Kidnappings

(For when those E.T.s get a little TOO friendly)
alien abductions or ufo insurance

Life on Earth has been good to you, and you’d like to go on living here. But what happens if you’re paid a visit by “friends” from other planets, or even abducted and taken with them? No citizen can be too careful when it comes to their safety, and that includes protecting themselves from abuse from extraterrestrials. Luckily for those considering potential dangers on a cosmic level, there’s alien abduction/UFO insurance.

What Is Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance?

Perhaps the strangest type of indemnity coverage out there, alien abduction insurance (a.k.a. “UFO insurance” or “UFO abduction insurance”) is a policy designed to protect humans from trauma suffered following alien abductions. Aside from the post-traumatic stress that may arise just from an alien sighting in itself, abductions could potentially cause victims all kinds of grief—especially if they become impregnated during the ordeal.

How Does Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance Work?

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There’s a handful of rules that alien abduction/UFO insurance plays by. Depending on the insurance provider, the requirements may vary. But in general, in order to file a successful claim, you must be prepared to do the following:

  • Provide specific information about the aliens, including where they’re from and what type of spacecraft they use.
  • Provide a detailed description of the abduction incident.
  • Provide the signature of an “authorized, on-board alien.”
  • Pass a lie detector test.
  • Provide video footage of the encounter.
  • Provide a statement from a third-party witness.

Here’s the tricky part: In order to be covered, you’ll have to be returned to Earth by the aliens. If you’re abducted, taken to another planet, and then never return, there’s no way to go about filing your insurance claim. It’s also important to note that certain policies come with a “frequent flyer” exclusion, meaning that individuals who get abducted more than once aren’t covered. There’s a strict limit of one incident per policy.

If you’re lucky (or rather, unlucky) enough to have your claim approved, alien abduction/UFO insurance will pay out the promised premium of $10 million—but there’s a catch. The benefit is paid out in installments—of $1 per year. So it’ll take quite a few lifetimes for you to collect the full payout, to say the least.

What Does Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance Cover?

Basically, any earthling—err, human—who’s abducted “by an alien not from planet Earth” can be covered, as long as they’re able to provide the evidence required to make a successful claim. Alien abduction/UFO insurance is marketed mainly as a way to help cover the medical and psychological trauma aspects following an alien abduction.

While different types of policies may exist, the most famous and longest-running insurance company offering this coverage is the Alien/UFO Abduction Insurance Company (they go by both). We’ll take a look at their specific coverage, with the benefit amount of $10 million, as advertised on their website.

Coverage reimburses abductees for the following:

  • Medical payments: Including outpatient and psychiatric care.
  • Sarcasm coverage: Abuse by means of sarcasm following the traumatic abduction is also covered, but it’s limited to immediate family. That should suffice, since supposedly research conducted by the Alien/UFO Abduction Insurance company found that 70% of all sarcasm stems from immediate family members, anyway.

Double indemnity coverage (with a benefit amount of $20 million), is available in the event of the following:

  • Alien conjugal visits.
  • The abduction results in offspring.
  • Aliens taunt the abductee by referring to them as a food source.
  • An abductee has proof of the encounter and is able to complete a successful claim

Potential abductions could be stressful enough in and of themselves, but resulting trauma following the events could be even worse. Thankfully there’s coverage available to help victims suffering from abuse by extraterrestrials, or even from their own family following an incident.

Why Would I Want Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance?

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“Needing” this type of coverage may be a bit of a stretch, so instead we’ll take a look at why someone might want it. Really, there are two main reasons: for precautionary safety measures, or as a gag gift. One interesting feature of this coverage is that you can name multiple beneficiaries, including pets.

You might want to get an alien abduction/UFO insurance policy in the following cases:

  • You’re honestly concerned for your safety when it comes to alien abductions and any resulting trauma in the aftermath. After all, even the Pentagon investigated UFO sightings through its Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program up until 2012, when it shut the program down.
  • You want to give it to a family member or friend as a joke. Since you can buy the policy for someone else and claim yourself as a beneficiary, you may get an extra kick out of giving away alien abduction/UFO coverage as a gag gift.

Of course, veteran sci-fi fans may also want to purchase coverage to pay homage to their favorite genre. Considering alien abduction/UFO policies surged in popularity following the massively successful series The X-Files, clearly catering to fans of all things supernatural is an efficient method of boosting insurance sales.

How Much Does Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance Cost?

Other policies may vary, but the longest-operating seller of alien abduction/UFO insurance, the Alien/UFO Abduction Insurance Company, offers their policies for a low, single lifetime premium of $19.95 for a digital copy, or $24.95 for a framed, printed version. Following a successful claim, coverage will reimburse policyholders for the promised $10 million in coverage (or $20 million, should they meet the requirements), in increments of $1 per year, sent via check.

Is Alien Abduction/UFO Insurance Still Available?

Well, yes—but figuring out who sells it can get a bit dicey. The Alien/UFO Insurance Company based in Florida has been going strong since 1987, claims to have sold thousands of policies (and even paid out two successful claims to date!), and is still offering coverage today. Policyholders include NASA workers, FBI agents, and even fictional characters like agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from The X-Files. So it’s up to you to decide what to make of those reported sales figures.

Lloyd’s of London, an insurance company famous for offering all kinds of out-of-the-ordinary coverage, claims to have sold more than 40,000 of these policies. Another London-based firm, Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson, used to offer coverage but is rumored to have discontinued it following a mass suicide by several of its policyholders who belonged to the religious cult Heaven’s Gate, in 1997.

Citizens of the UK are in luck, though, because the group Budget Insurance is planning to offer alien abduction coverage in the near future. In fact, they’ve been collecting names on a coverage waiting list for the past couple of years. So if you’re planning a move overseas and you’re worried about abduction after you arrive, you might not want to hesitate to get your name on that list.

How Do I Get Alien Abduction or UFO Insurance?

For more obscure and less common types of insurance coverage out there, you might not be able to find what you’re looking for just anywhere. While our independent insurance agents may not be able to provide you with this kind of coverage directly, we’ll happily provide a list of agents in your neighborhood who have access to multiple insurance companies. has access to the largest catalog of independent insurance agents in the country.

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