10 Reasons You Need a Minivan

(Why it might be the best choice for you)

Kids with their dog in a minivan

This Isn't Your Mother's Minivan

Gone are the days of boxy, embarrassing and ugly minivans. Back in the day minivans had doors so heavy it took two hands to open them. Remember how angry your mom would get when she had to set down her purse, bag of groceries and the baby so she could open the van door? Remember how poor the visibility was? 

More than a few bikes parked in the driveway were crushed under these monstrous vehicles. Things have changed. The new sleek, power everything minivans are more like tiny luxury buses, and you need this kind of luxury in your life. Just make sure you're covered with an affordable auto insurance policy.

Your Kids Can’t Reach You and You Can’t Reach Your Kids

Who hasn’t been surprised by a shower of Goldfish crackers while changing lanes on the freeway? Who hasn’t had tiny hands reaching for you as you attempt to maneuver through a crowded parking lot? And worst of all, who hasn’t had tiny kid feet kicking at the seat right into the small of your back? 

In a minivan, unless they have a great arm, those crackers aren't likely to reach you, and those little legs aren't going to even come close to the back of your seat. Better yet, you can’t reach them so they’ll just have to figure out how to turn up their iPad on their own.

Third Row Seating and The Buffer Zone

If you’re really serious about getting some distance between you and the kids, and who isn’t, you can use the genius third row seating. The kids will love their newfound freedom and you won’t be able to reach back to open a snack or break up a fight. Best of all, if you turn your music up nice and loud you might not even hear the bickering.

Automatic Doors

The greatest and most useful feature of today’s minivans is the automatic doors. If you are parent, your hands are always full. How many times have you balanced a desperately needed coffee, your purse and the backpacks that your children were too busy to carry as they raced into the house carefree, only to have to use your foot to close the door? 

Now, your children will love to be in charge of opening and closing their own doors because the push button feature is so easy to use (and cool to boot.) In fact, you can open and close those doors without even leaving the driver’s seat. It’s not recommended that you do this in a threatening, “Smarten up or you’ll be left on the side of the freeway” manner, but I don’t want to tell you how to manage your kids.


Save on Car Insurance

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Sweet, Sweet Space (for Shopping, Of Course)

Got skis? No problem. Buying a new 80-inch 3D TV? (Really, you are? Can I come over?) Your minivan has you covered. You won’t be asking to borrow your friend’s truck anymore. Fold the seats down and easily fit in purchases that you wouldn't have considered before. Never again will you say, “I’d love that rug but how will I get it home?” or “It’s a sweet coffee table but I don’t want to pay for delivery.” 

You’ll just pull that van up to the front door and let them load your purchases. Your bank account might take a hit, but your house is going to look amazing. The only downside is, now you’ll have to make standing weekend plans so you don’t get stuck helping all your friends move.

Groceries and Kids and Dogs

Many families have furry members, and if those critters want to be included they are often stuck in the back, balancing on bags of groceries, an emergency kit and whatever other stuff you have stored in the back of the car. Your minivan will offer the pooch lots of space to call his own, and there will still be room to store everything you need and a few things you don’t.


Oh, the luxury of captain’s seats. The seats power into any position that suits you, and no more will you step out of the car after a long drive feeling achy and sore. You won’t blink twice at the thought of traveling all day with the kids to get to your destination, saving tons of money on airfare in the process. And with that third row seating option at your disposal, there is no shame in letting your spouse drive and catching a nap back there. You deserve it.

The Drive-Thru

If you are parent, you might frequent the drive-thru a little more than you want to admit.Your minivan makes it efficient and comfortable when you are at eye level with the window and your kids have multiple options for where to put their drinks and food for a quick, easy meal on the go. There may be a few dropped French fries, but that’s what the dog's for, right?

The Cool Factor

Today’s vans are cool. They have sleek designs and options to make your life easier, and you’ll never want to drive anything else. Bonus feature: hook up your Bluetooth and blast your music to annoy your kids and impress your friends. This option is worth every penny.

Once you've found the minivan you never knew you always wanted, talk to your  independent agent to make sure it's fully insured with a car insurance policy and ready for the road.

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