Life Assurance Company of America

Instant Approval, Underwritten By You, Not Us

Why choose Life Assurance Company of America for your insurance needs?

  • No medical exam life insurance  
  • Instant approval, underwritten by you - not us
  • Affordable term life insurance
  • Life Assurance offers simplified issue life insurance policies with no medical exam required to ensure all individuals can receive a life insurance policy based on their personal health representations.  
  • We believe that everyone deserves peace of mind without undergoing a medical exam.  And, everyone gets the same price.​

Where does Life Assurance Company of America do business?

Life Assurance Company of America provides the following insurance coverages by state.

Business & Personal
Personal & Life & Annuities
Life & Annuities
Life & Annuities & Business
All Insurance Categories

What life & annuities insurance does Life Assurance Company of America offer?

Life Assurance Company of America partners with independent insurance agents in Illinois to offer instant approval digital life and annuity insurance policies. 

Participation with

Coverage Types

Life & annuities coverage types


Investments geared towards your retirement, guaranteeing a steady stream of income to help protect you financially.

Life Insurance

To leave your loved ones to help cover a loss of income, mortgages, education, and funeral costs, etc.