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What's pomi? We're an acronym for peace of mind insurance and we specialize in accident coverage for businesses, groups and organizations. We can happily work with your broker or connect you with one of ours so you can protect what matters most.  And since we're trusted by thousands of clients across the country, you can have confidence knowing we provide proper protection should an accident occur.  From volunteers to students, athletes and other participants, pomi's got you covered.   

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Where does pomi do business?

pomi provides the following insurance coverages by state.

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Personal & Life & Annuities
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What business insurance does pomi offer?

We help consumers with their business insurance needs by providing an accident product to enhance their coverage. With an accident policy from pomi, businesses and organizations can help protect their participants and volunteers while protecting themselves as well. We offer no-fault accident insurance so businesses can maintain their positive reputations, keep claims off their general liability policy and help cover out of pocket medical costs for individuals involved in accidents.

Participation with

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Specializes in these industries

Industry youth sports organizations
Youth Sports Organizations

Protect your young volleyball, football, etc. player from property damage, accidents, medical expenses, paralysis, and even death with MVP coverage.

Industry colleges and universities icon
Colleges and Universities

Protect your college or university against lawsuits related to bodily injury or property damage claims with dependable insurance.

industry gym icon

Get protection against property damage and injuries from equipment, broken bones, and even slips and falls during weight lifting, yoga, etc. with this reliable insurance.

industry dance studio icon
Dance Studios

Protection for your dance studio and its participants against minor to severe injuries, medical expenses, and property damage starts with strong coverage.

Churches/Religious Organizations
Churches/Religious Organizations

Get all of your liability coverage needs taken care of with the right insurance for your church or religious organization.


Protect your school or educational facility from bodily injury lawsuits and property damage claims with reliable insurance.


Protect your day campers, summer campers, volunteers, and more from property damage, animal bites, fall injuries, and hospital stays with dependable coverage.

Industry childcare centers
Childcare Centers

Protection for your childcare establishment against potential lawsuits for claims of bodily injury or property damage from customers starts with dependable insurance.

Non Profits

Protection against property damage, injuries, and related medical expenses for all kinds of volunteers, including pet shelter and community kitchen workers, starts with trusted coverage.

Human Services
Human Services

Avoid expensive lawsuits from common potential liability risks with the right insurance for your human services business.

industry health clubs icon
Health Clubs

Protect health club-goers against property damage and common injuries like slips and falls up to more extreme cases that require hospital care with trustworthy coverage.

Industry daycare icon

Protect your daycare establishment from claims related to property damage or injury/illness to youngsters and others on the premises with ongoing, trusted coverage.

Business coverage types

Accident and Health

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