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Your Complete Guide to Birmingham, AL, Tornado Insurance

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Birmingham Alabama Tornado Insurance

Birmingham, AL, has over 210,710 residents making it a major metropolis. There have been 93 federally declared natural disasters since 1953 in Alabama, so it is essential to have tornado insurance for all the what-ifs.

A local independent insurance agent can help. They have options on policy and premiums, so you know you're getting the right coverage. Connect with a local professional to navigate tornado insurance for your assets. 

What Is Tornado Insurance?

Tornado insurance is typically included in your policies, depending on your coverage. To ensure you're carrying the right insurance, consider reviewing it with an expert. Unlike flood insurance, coverage from a tornado is usually within your existing home and auto policies. If your policy has protection for a tornado, it will provide coverage for the following.

  • Your property: Personal belongings, your home, your car, and more can fall under replacement or repair when you have damage from a tornado. 
  • Your injuries: If you or a member of your household becomes injured from a tornado, your policy should pick up the medical expenses. 

How Much Is Tornado Insurance in Birmingham, AL?

Birmingham, AL, insurance premiums will vary. Tornado insurance is attached to your auto and home policies. Carriers use a variety of items to rate your policy, such as the following.

  • Address
  • Motor vehicle reports (MVRs)
  • Claims history
  • Credit score
  • Value of your home
  • Value of your vehicles
  • Coverages selected

While there is no way to determine your exact premiums to include tornado protection in your policy, you can know the averages. The nation's average annual homeowners cost is $1,211. In Alabama, the average price for home insurance is $1,433. To get specific quotes on coverage, connect with an adviser.

Does Car Insurance Cover Tornado Damage in Birmingham, AL

Each state will have a minimum limit of liability that is required in order to use the roadways. When you live in Birmingham, AL, there are set limits you will need to obtain on your car insurance. The mandated amounts you are supposed to carry are as follows.

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability each person / $50,000 bodily injury per accident / $25,000 property damage liability per person

The state-regulated coverage won't include protection for tornado damage. To have adequate insurance for a tornado, you'll need comprehensive coverage. 

  • Comprehensive insurance: This can be added to your auto policy and pay for damage that doesn't involve colliding with another car or object. When you collide with an animal, have a theft, or tornado damage, you'll have coverage under comprehensive insurance.

Save on Tornado Insurance

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tornado Damage in Birmingham, AL?

There have been 607,506,000 homeowners claims paid in 2016 alone. Fortunately, tornadoes are classified as windstorms under your Birmingham home policy and are typically included.

This will provide protection for your personal property, dwelling, and injuries that may occur. For proper insurance, review the following coverages on your homeowners policies.

Dwelling coverage: This covers the structure of your home and is equal to the replacement cost of your home.

Other structures coverage: This covers detached structures on your property, such as a shed or garage, and is usually 10% of your dwelling limit.

Personal property coverage: This covers your personal belongings both inside and outside the home and is normally 50% of your dwelling limit.

Loss of use coverage: This pays for additional living expenses while your home is repaired from a covered loss. This is typically 20% of your dwelling amount.

Personal liability coverage: This pays for legal and medical bills if you're held liable for injury or personal property damage to someone else. These limits are chosen by the insured and typically range from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Medical payments coverage: This is your first line of defense when a minor injury occurs on your property. It will pay for another party's medical bills, regardless of who is at fault. Coverage falls between $1,000 and $10,000.

Birmingham, AL, Tornado Insurance Claims

Birmingham's tornado activity is 152% greater than the national average. The right policy is necessary to avoid financial devastation. Check out some facts about Birmingham, AL, losses.

  • Number of tornadoes annually in Alabama: 44
  • Number of natural disasters in Birmingham, AL: 31
  • Birmingham, AL, number of natural disasters caused by tornadoes: 15

With tornadoes causing half of the natural disasters in Birmingham, the proper coverage should be reviewed with a professional. When you have a home or auto loss due to a tornado, it could wipe out your finances and cause major destruction. To have protection for a claim, review your personal policies frequently. 

How You Can Get Tornado Insurance in Birmingham, AL

Tornado insurance in Birmingham, AL, can be included in your home and auto policies. To have the right protection, you'll need to make sure your policies are accurate and sufficient. Fortunately, an independent insurance agent can help. 

They have access to multiple markets, saving you time and premium dollars. Since they work on your behalf, you'll get the best policies in town. Connect with a local expert on in minutes. 

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