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With literally hundreds of RV parks, the smallest of which have no fewer than 300 stalls, Arizona is the mecca of motorhomes, campers, trailers and all types of RVs. From snowbirds to year-round residents, Arizona streets, highways and landscapes are usually dotted with thousands of RVs. Not only do these mobile vacation destinations provide endless opportunities for travel and sight-seeing, but they usually require no small investment. Only a comprehensive RV insurance policy can protect you and your ride to ensure that tomorrow's vacation goes on without a hitch.

Before you search for RV insurance quotes, however, there are several factors to consider.

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RV Ownership at a Glance

According to market analysts:

  • The typical RV owner was 48 years old in 2011, one year younger than the 49 years recorded in 2005 and 2001.
  • Median income of RV owners is $62,000.
  • 39 percent of RV owners have children under 18 living at home.
  • There's an RV for every taste and budget. Prices for new RVs are typically $5,000-$22,000 for folding camping trailers; $6,000-$55,000 for truck campers; $8,000-$95,000 for conventional travel trailers; $43,000-$200,000 for Type C motorhomes; and $60,000-$500,000 for Type A motorhomes.

Why is RV Insurance Important?

Not only does a proper RV insurance policy help you make swift repairs following damages resulting from an accident, fire or severe weather event, but the right policy can protect you from other risks as well.

RV accidents happen often in Arizona, and when they do, the costs can be substantial. RV insurance can protect your finances and future earning potential from being subject to costly lawsuit awards. Should you be sued for damages resulting from the operation of your RV, your insurance will help pay for your court fees, and even assist in paying for your legal defense.

RVs cost thousands of dollars, and you also want to protect the investment you have made in your family's vacation.

Can I Find Insurance for My Specific RV?

An RV is a vehicle that combines transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation and camping.

Two main categories of RVs are motorhomes (motorized) and towables (towed behind the family car, van or pickup). Type A motorhomes are generally the largest; Type B motorhomes or van campers are the smallest; and Type C motorhomes generally fall in between. Types of towable RVs are:

  • folding camping trailers
  • expandable trailers
  • truck campers
  • conventional travel trailers
  • fifth-wheel travel trailers

Sports utility RVs (also sometimes called "toy haulers"), which feature a built-in garage for hauling cycles, ATVs or sports equipment, are available in both motorhomes and towable RVs.

If you are required to register your particular RV with the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, you can more than likely find an insurance policy for it.

Am I Required to Carry RV Insurance in Arizona?

If your RV has a motor and is drivable, Arizona law requires you to carry minimum liability insurance. It's a wise decision to check with state law before purchasing any RV insurance policy to be certain that it falls within those minimum requirements.

Also, if you have financed your RV and are still paying on the loan, your lender may require you to carry a certain amount of insurance coverage. Your financial institution should be able to tell you what they require in terms of insurance.

If your RV is towed rather than driven, you are not required to obtain a separate insurance policy, as your truck or SUV insurance should extend to your RV. However, not all auto insurance policies have this extension. It's a good idea to review your vehicle's insurance coverage options to be sure your RV is fully protected on the road.

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Most Arizona insurance companies offer RV policies that are similar to car or truck insurance, which include liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. However, since RVs are used for much different purposes, there are additional coverage options from which you can choose.

  • Total loss replacement coverage: This is called comprehensive coverage when dealing with a car or truck, but because RVs are often much more valuable than passenger vehicles, this type of coverage is usually optional.
  • Campsite and vacation coverage: This option helps protect you from damages and loss while your RV is not on the road.
  • Full-timer coverage: This option works more like homeowners insurance and is highly recommended if your RV is your full time residence.

Save on RV Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Will My RV Insurance Quote Look Like?

There are so many different RVs on Arizona roads and parks that it's impossible to say how much your insurance quote will be without the details. Arizona insurance providers take several factors into consideration when they calculate your RV insurance quote, including:

  • The type, size and value of your RV: Class A RVs receive the highest quotes, followed by Class C, while Class B RVs generally receive the lowest quotes.
  • How often you use your RV: If you use your RV occasionally, your quote will be lower than someone living in the RV full-time.
  • Your driving history: Just like car insurance, those with claims-free driving histories will receive lower quotes than those with multiple traffic violations and crashes in their past.
  • The amount of coverage you need: If you choose a lot of liability protection, your quote will be higher. Also, while a higher deductible will yield a lower quote, be sure the deductible you choose is one you could comfortably afford, should you need to file a claim.

For an example, a Class A RV may be quoted at around $2,000 dollar a year or more to insure, while a Class B may fall somewhere in between $1,000 to $2,000 dollars.

Where Can I Find RV Insurance?

As an RV owner, you're not afraid of letting the road take you wherever it may lead, but you're a smart kind of risk-taker. You want the protection of a proper RV insurance policy so you can vacation with peace of mind. Knowledgeable, independent insurance agents on the Trusted Choice network are always available to answer your questions, suggest coverage options suitable to your RV, and even assist you in filing a claim. These agents have years of experience working with Arizona insurance providers, enabling them to find you a number of quotes with the best coverage options at the most affordable rates. Contact a Trusted Choice agent near you to find out how you can obtain the perfect RV insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.

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