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Miami Beach, FL is the epitome of beach living, with a laid back lifestyle, gorgeous coastal scenery and an unforgettable nightlife. Travel Channel called Miami Beach the “Sexiest Beach in the World,” causing many tourists to flock to the area to experience it for themselves. For business owners, Miami Beach brings endless opportunities for profits. Whether you own a souvenir shop or a beachfront café, you will have easy access to curious tourists who want to experience the best the city has to offer.

In previous years, there were 2,180,556 small businesses in Florida, providing employment to 3,000,167 people. Of course, owning a business also carries some heavy risks. In recent years, loss payouts to Florida businesses totaled $19,737,799. The best way to minimize your risks is with Miami Beach business insurance. Our Independent Insurance Agents take the guesswork out of shopping for commercial insurance. Whether you’re concerned about liability lawsuits, cybercrime or workers' compensation, our experienced agents will help you build a customized business insurance plan to protect your company.

Every business in Miami Beach should consider the potential consequences of a liability lawsuit. According to a recent Travelers Business Risk Summary, 60 percent of small-business owners ranked medical cost inflation as their highest concern and more than 30 percent said they felt the least prepared to handle this issue. The best way to prepare your company is with general liability insurance.

  • Product Liability: According to a national study, 71 percent of product liability awards by the courts amounted to $1 million or more. This massive financial burden leads many small businesses to close the doors for good. But if you have product liability insurance for your Miami Beach business, you can rest easy knowing that your legal fees and any necessary settlement are covered.
  • Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability: E&O liability insurance provides a buffer of protection to consultants and other professionals who offer services rather than physical products. If you get sued for a judgment error, your E&O liability insurance covers legal costs and helps you move on toward your business goals without serious financial damage.

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Business Interruption Insurance for Miami Beach Businesses

  • Recent Gross domestic product: 2.2%
  • Recent Florida gross state product: 2.2%

Imagine for a moment that it’s spring break week and Miami Beach is hopping with college kids and curious tourists. Late one night, you get a call that your business is on fire thanks to a careless mistake from some partying kids. Suddenly, you’re forced to shut down your business for months until you can totally rebuild, and you have no way to earn a living in the meantime. Business interruption insurance is for situations just like this. It’s one of the most important coverages for small businesses because it pays you for lost profits after a disaster.

Property Insurance for Miami Beach Businesses

  • Number of natural disasters in recent years: 119
  • Only 61% of losses from natural disasters were covered
  • Total uncovered property damage in recent years: $9.7 billion

There have been 71 hurricanes recorded in Miami Beach since 1930, and each one has led to serious property damage among local businesses. Paying for repairs can put a serious strain on your business resources, but if you have commercial insurance, you won’t have to worry. Just file a claim and your insurance covers the cost to get your business back in working order after a natural disaster.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Workers' Compensation for Miami Beach Businesses

Employers rely on workers' compensation coverage to protect a business after a work-related illness or injury. If one of your employees gets hurt on the job, you can file a claim with workers' comp to cover the costs of health care and lost wages. Most states now require businesses to purchase workers' comp coverage before hiring even one employee.

Employee Coverages for Miami Beach Businesses

  • Total recent spending on premiums in Florida: $3,131,293
  • Ranked 49th for highest premiums in the U.S.
  • Annual cost of health care for small businesses in recent years: $5,408/person or $16,070/family

Health insurance is a major expense for small businesses, but our independent insurance agents can help you find the best rates on employee coverages. Our friendly agents can point you toward the most cost-effective policies and even provide rates on multiple plans. This gives you a chance to compare all of your options before you select a health of life insurance plan for your staff.

Cyber Crime Insurance for Miami Beach Businesses

  • 37,059 identity theft complaints in Florida in recent years
  • Ranked #1 highest for identity theft complaints in the U.S.

Florida has the highest number of annual identity theft complaints in the nation. Cybercrime is a growing problem, but it catches many businesses off guard. Only 22 percent of small businesses have a response plan for cyber breaches, leaving them wide open to hackers with no way to recover. Consider adding cybercrime coverage to your business insurance plan to give your company an added layer of protection in case of a data breach.

When it comes to commercial insurance in Miami Beach, there is no one-size-fits-all policy. Our independent insurance agents understand that every company is different, and that’s why we offer personalized support for each business owner. Our experienced agents will help you navigate the maze of business insurance and find the coverage you need most at a price you can afford. 

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