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Cutler Bay is one of Florida's best kept secrets, with an ancient coral formation that stretches for miles and rises to 22 feet tall. This picturesque coastal community is a wonderful place to live and work, but the beach environment also brings some serious risks for homeowners. If your property is located near the coast, it's much more likely that you will need to make annual repairs after tropical storms, hurricanes and storm surges wreak havoc on the shoreline. Our Independent Insurance Agents can help you find affordable homeowners insurance that is designed to work with the unique challenges of living near the beach. 

  • National yearly premium average: $1,211
  • Florida yearly premium average: $1,951
  • 2nd most expensive premium in the U.S.

Due to the increased risk of hurricanes and coastal storms, Florida's home insurance rates trend toward the higher end of national averages. As you work with an agent to find comprehensive Cutler Bay home insurance, several factors will be taken into consideration to determine your personalized rate. The size and age of your home, how close you live to the beaches and special risk factors like swimming pools and trampolines are all factored in to determine how much you will have to pay for coverage.

Number of Thefts in Florida

  • National number of burglaries per 1,000 people: 3.76
  • Florida number of burglaries: 3.38

Cutler Bay is well known as one of Florida's safest cities, but burglaries are still a concern for homeowners. If you come home from work and discover that you've been robbed, you will be thankful to have comprehensive Cutler Bay homeowners insurance to pay you back for the items that were stolen.

Number of Catastrophes in Florida

  • Number of disasters in Florida since 1953: 138
  • Number of tornadoes in Florida: 66
  • Amount of property damage in Florida: $210,240,000
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year

Each year, there are 594 large scale catastrophes in Florida. Although the weather is generally warm and pleasant year-round, coastal storm systems and hurricanes do cause occasional problems. Flooding, high winds, and even wildfires are potential issues that homeowners will face when living in Florida, especially in Cutler Bay. 


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What Are the Risks in Cutler Bay?

Residents of Cutler Bay face an increased risk of flooding and wind damage. Tropical storms and hurricanes are a yearly threat, but you can make sure you are always prepared to handle any property repairs by investing in the best homeowners insurance. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew swept through the city and left Cutler Bay in total destruction. Since then, locals have been more careful than ever to ensure they have the most reliable home insurance in case another storm wreaks havoc on the city.

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Before you select a homeowners insurance policy, talk to our friendly Independent Insurance Agents in Cutler Bay about your options. Our agents can offer quotes on multiple policies, allowing you to really compare rates and coverage benefits and find the policy that offers the best protection for your home. 

Contact an agent today to learn more about your coverage options for Cutler Bay home insurance. 

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