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The tip of the Florida Gulf Coast has been home to many fascinating people over the years. Residents at one time or another have ranged from Thomas Edison to the pirate, Captain Jack Rackham. Today, Fort Myers, FL is a rapidly growing community of retirees and vacation seekers, among many others, seeking the good life not far from the Everglades. Owning a home in this tranquil paradise means insuring it – and protecting it against hurricanes and other events that might come along. Finding the best Fort Myers homeowners insurance is critical to a worry-free life.

Your Independent Insurance Agent will help you find the best insurance for your lifestyle at the lowest possible cost by obtaining quotes from a number of insurance carriers so that you can compare coverage and price. They live here, too, and know the area well – making them the best way to find the policy for you. A home in the state of Florida is a bit more expensive than average to insure:

  • Premiums average $1,034 per year across the US.
  • The Sunshine State average is $1,103 per year.
  • This ranks Florida as the 14th most expensive state to insure a home.

Homes are a bit more expensive to insure in Florida because of the history of hurricane damage. When one does hit, the damage is often severe and widespread, making the cost of rebuilding high. Protecting yourself from loss is the best way to protect your investment so that you can go back to enjoying the good life that Fort Myers has to offer after the storm has passed.

Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

Insuring a vacation home is the same as insuring your main residence in many ways. Homeowners often opt to have less coverage on their second home to keep the cost affordable, but this is risky. If you do this, you will be liable for anything that happens. Vacation homes can actually be more expensive to insure because no one is there most of the time. This increases the risk of theft and vandalism, among other concerns. Multifamily units are more affordable because of the traffic around them, so the cost of Fort Myers home insurance can vary widely based on your situation. Speak with your agent about your needs to make sure that you find the lowest cost for your homeowners insurance on your second home without taking on more risk than you can handle.

Number of Thefts in Florida

If there is a theft on your property, your homeowners insurance covers any damage to your house. But you may also want to cover the contents of your home as well. Florida has a surprisingly small number of thefts from homes:

  • The US average was 37,814 thefts in recent years.
  • Florida reported only 3,316 in the same period.

You can minimize the cost of protection against theft, no matter what coverage you choose, with a home security system. That will help you keep the lowest cost without sacrificing the insurance you need if the worst should happen.


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Number of Catastrophes in Florida

Despite the fabulous weather most of the year, Fort Myers home insurance is there to cover the storms that do roll in off the Gulf from time to time.

  • In recent years, there were 594 recorded catastrophes in Florida, mostly storms.
  • 23 tornadoes were also reported.
  • The total damage from these catastrophes totaled over $210 million.
  • About 1 in 15 insured homes have a claim every year.

You need to have a policy that not only covers your home but also pays out quickly so that you can recover from a storm after it is gone. The protection that you need depends on your situation, which is why every policy is customized to fit your particular needs. No matter what, however, hurricanes and the thunderstorms that form in the Everglades can cause a lot of damage that you need to be protected from.

What Are the Risks in Fort Meyers?

Aside from storms, there are not a lot of major risks for homeowners around Fort Myers. But there are many things that require additional protection based on your lifestyle and the home you live in. Swimming pools, which are a key amenity in most new Fort Myers homes, are an “attractive nuisance” that can result in people you didn’t even invite onto your property getting injured. Your insurance needs to be there to protect you from lawsuits over things like this as well.

In addition, sinkholes sometimes open up around the Everglades. They can cause an incredible amount of damage and make your home unlivable. There are many considerations like this that you may not be aware of if you are moving to Fort Myers for the first time. That’s why your Independent Insurance Agent is vital for finding the best insurance for your lifestyle and your home in Fort Myers. Because they live there, they know what to ask for and will find multiple quotes from a number of carriers to get you the lowest cost policy to fit your needs. 

Call an agent today to make sure you have the right policy at a price that fits your budget.

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