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How to Find the Best Home Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida

Experts break down Fort Myers, FL home insurance costs, coverages, and more.


Fort Myers, FL is a rapidly growing community of retirees and vacation seekers, among many others, seeking the good life not far from the Everglades. Owning a home in this tranquil paradise means protecting it against hurricanes and other events that might come along. Finding the best Fort Myers homeowners insurance is critical to a worry-free life.

A local independent insurance agent can help you find the best homeowners insurance in Fort Myers, FL. They'll obtain quotes from several different insurance carriers in Florida so you can compare coverage and price. 

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Fort Myers, FL?

Florida is one of the most expensive states for homeowners insurance because of its history of high-risk damaging factors. Fortunately, homes in Fort Myers cost slightly less to insure than other locations but are still likely to be more than the national average.

  • National average yearly premium: $1,211
  • Florida average yearly premium: $1,951
  • Fort Myers average yearly premium: $1,357

The actual cost of home insurance can vary greatly between homes based on a number of factors, one of the largest being the deductible. Other factors that insurance carriers take into consideration include:

  • The size of your home and the year it was built
  • Materials used to build your home and the age of the roof
  • Local crime rates
  • Flood zones and other potential weather risks
  • Type of home (multi-family, condo, townhouse, single-family, second home, rental property)
  • Your personal claims history
  • Whether you're bundling with other coverages like auto or life insurance

Every carrier calculates premiums differently, which is why it's best to shop around with your agent. They can even help you get potential discounts that you qualify for which can lower the costs.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover in Fort Myers, FL?

Fort Myers homeowners have a number of risks they need insurance for. From unpredictable weather to protection based on your lifestyle and the features of your home, insurance is designed to cover any potential risks your home may face. 

Florida home insurance provides the following protection through dwelling coverage and contents coverage:

  • Property damage from weather:  Covers the cost for rebuilding, repairing, or replacing your property if damaged by a fire, lightning, hail, windstorms, or other perils that are named in the policy. 
  • Third-party injury or property damage:  Covers medical bills and costs associated with repairing property if someone is injured on your property or experiences property damage.
  • Property crimes: Covers any costs associated with burglary, theft, and vandalism.

It's possible that wind coverage could be excluded from Florida homeowners insurance, so it's important to thoroughly review your policy. For properties that are highly susceptible to hurricane damage, you may need to purchase wind coverage separately. 


Save on Home Insurance

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Does Home Insurance Protect against Floods in Fort Myers, FL?

Storms are by far the biggest risk to Florida homeowners. In Fort Myers, 24% of properties are at risk of severe damage from flooding over the next thirty years. That's why it's critical to know that your home insurance will not include coverage for flood damage. 

To protect your home, you need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. This coverage is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and must be purchased through an insurance agent. 

Purchasing a policy through the NFIP will get you $250,000 in structural coverage and $100,000 in contents coverage. There's a 30-day waiting period for your policy to go into effect, so you don't want to wait until the storm comes to get coverage.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required in Fort Myers, FL?

Homeowners in Florida are not required to have insurance, but mortgage and loan companies will require proof of insurance before approving a loan. In addition, it's a big risk to own a home without it. 

Every year, Fort Myers experiences 3.38 burglaries per 1,000 residents. This is below the national average, but the only way to protect your home from theft is with homeowners insurance with contents coverage.

The state is also highly susceptible to damaging weather patterns. These are the top weather threats to Florida homeowners.

  • Wildfires and residential fires
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Severe storms and lightning damage
  • Flooding and water damage

Without the proper coverage, any damage from one of these events would have to be paid out of pocket. 

Who Are the Best Home Insurance Companies in Fort Myers, FL?

Most insurance companies will carry homeowners insurance. However, some companies have a better reputation than others for offering affordable rates and making the claims process easy to navigate. That's why it's important to compare home insurance quotes in Fort Myers. 

Fortunately, your independent insurance agent is well versed in local insurance companies and will help you pick the best home insurance company in Fort Myers. 

How Can an Independent Insurance Agent Help Me Find the Best Home Insurance in Fort Myers, FL?

You need to have a policy that not only covers your home but also pays out quickly so that you can recover from an event after it's passed. A Florida independent insurance agent makes it easy to find a homeowners policy that protects you from the multitude of threats that could face your home. 

Agents will speak with you, free of charge, before shopping policies. They'll present you with several quotes and help you determine the best coverage for your home and your possessions. Speak with an independent insurance agent to find the best home insurance policy in Fort Myers. 

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