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Plantation is a beautiful community in Broward County, Florida. Located near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Pampano Beach, residents of Plantation enjoy easy access to nonstop adventure and some of the best beaches in the south. America’s Promise Alliance recognized Plantation among “America’s 100 Best Communities for Young People." The only downside to living in this charming community is the volatile weather. Make sure you’re prepared by investing in reliable Plantation homeowners insurance.

Our Independent Insurance Agents specialize in helping Plantation homeowners find the most affordable rates on home insurance. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or you’re looking for most budget-friendly coverage options, our caring agents are happy to assist you. 

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Florida yearly premium average: $1,103
  • 14th most expensive premium in the US.

Florida’s home insurance rates are typically higher than the national average, but your rate will largely depend on where you live and the size and age of your home. Our agents can help you find the most affordable rates by matching you with discounts for energy efficiency upgrades, security systems, and bundled coverages. 

Plantation Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

Plantation is a beautiful place to spend your vacation, but owning a vacation home can present some unique challenges. Because the home may go unoccupied for long periods of time, it could be more prone to theft and vandalism. If you choose to use the second home for rental income, there is always the risk of tenants or visitors that cause property damage. Our Independent Insurance Agents can help you address these risks with the best home insurance plan for your situation. 

Number of Thefts in Florida

  • National number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Florida number of burglaries: 3,316

Although Plantation is generally considered to be a safe city, there are still occasional problems with local break-ins and robberies. Every homeowner should take precautions by locking doors and windows and installing security systems when possible. The best safeguard is a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy, which will compensate you for stolen valuables if a break-in happens to your residence.


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Number of Catastrophes in Florida

  • Number of catastrophes in Florida: 594
  • Number of Tornadoes in Florida: 23
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year.

Florida is no stranger to bad weather with annual hurricanes that can leave widespread destruction and millions of dollars in property damage. While living in the Sunshine State offers some major benefits, you will still have to contend with the unpredictable weather and frequent need for property repairs. Our insurance agents can help you choose a home insurance plan that offers maximum protection for your Florida home. 

What are the risks in Plantation?

Plantation is located in a high-risk hurricane zone, with 76 recorded hurricanes since 1930. This city also sees frequent tornado activity, with an average of 4 tornadoes per year and a total of 235 since 1950. As a homeowner in Plantation, you can’t afford to skimp on homeowners insurance because property damage is nearly unavoidable over the lifetime of a typical mortgage. 

Compare Plantation Home Insurance Quotes

Many homeowners are tempted to choose the first home insurance plan they see, but this could be a costly mistake. The best way to find affordable coverage is by comparing rates and Independent Insurance Agents make that easier than ever before. Our agents provide free rate quotes on multiple policies, giving you a chance to compare all of your options before deciding which homeowners insurance plan is right for your property. 

Contact an agent to learn more about your home insurance options and receive a free quote on Plantation home insurance today. 

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